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YES! Roger finally won!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been waiting for this moment for more than 20 years. The day that I can write – Roger Deakins… An Academy Award Winner God damn it. It ...
March 5, 2018
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Go Roger Go!

Well, one thing is for sure. I know who I’m rooting for on March 4th. Yeah, I want Gary Oldman and Frances McDormand to pick up their Oscars in the leading acting categories, but I’ll ...
February 1, 2018
Blast from the past

4 underrated 2017 movies that deserve Oscar love

All right now. The Academy Awards nominations are announced today! It’s the moment that every Oscar weirdo (like me) is waiting for, and I could not be happier cause I’m finally going to see Gary ...
January 23, 2018
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The history is sort of repeating itself for Blade Runner?

You’ve probably heard the news. Blade Runner 2049 flopped at the weekend box office and earned measly 31.5 million dollars only in N. America’s movie theaters. Sure the movie went straight to the No.1 spot ...
October 9, 2017
Film Review

Blade Runner 2049 Film Review

There was much trepidation and exhilaration among the fans (me included) of the 1982 Blade Runner when we first heard the news of the sequel. Yes, there were talks about doing the sequel dating from the ...
October 8, 2017
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Let’s meet the ladies from Blade Runner 2049

Yup… Blade Runner 2049 turned out to be great and you pretty much know the guys in the Denis Villeneuve directed neo noir/SF movie. It’s been the long awaited sequel to the 1982 Blade Runner ...
October 7, 2017
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The honest trailer for Blade Runner is here and it’s ...

Blade Runner 2049 is headed to theaters this week and the fans of the original 1982 movie (and Philip K. Dick’s book Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?) are excited and anxious. Will it live up ...
October 4, 2017
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Ryan Gosling’s essential movies

Ryan Gosling is on a hot successful streak career wise. I mean… just take a look at his career in the past couple of years, and you’ll get the grasp of what I’m talking about. ...
October 2, 2017
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Just a bunch of fun (and useless) facts about Blade ...

Hear he hear he… The long (and I do mean long) awaited and anticipated sequel to the legendary Blade Runner is coming up at the start of next month. October 6th to be exact. With ...
September 24, 2017