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Oscars 2021: Can Someone Give Glenn Close An Oscar Already?


Well, it’s finally here. The end of the Awards season. Phew that was exhausting. Much like every other year, the 2021 Awards season culminated with the much anticipated Oscar ceremony. However, this year a bit later than its usual date, and of course a bit crazier. But let’s start from the top.

Just by looking at this year’s winners list, it’s obvious that the academy paid a lot of attention to rewarding diversity and experience. And you can clearly see that in most of the categories. However, it’s most obvious in the top acting categories and of course in the director/best picture category. A bunch of seasoned, experienced and Oscar winners took the shiny gold statues all over again. Sir Anthony Hopkins and Frances McDormand are the first that come in mind in this categories.

They possessed the best leading actor/actress category last night. And some might argue that it was rightfully their night. But on the diversity spectrum, we have Chloe Zhao who took home two Oscars (for best director/best motion picture) and Youn Yuh-jung who won in the best-supporting actress category. Her performance in Minari was awarded, but I’m not so convinced that it was Oscar wordy. Look, I’m not disputing it. She was great in Minari. But over there in this category, a much deserved Oscar should have been awarded to one hell of an actress.

Glenn Freaking Close! Will someone please give an Oscar to Glenn Close? Like right now? What must this woman do to get one? I get it OK? Hollywood is big on diversity, and it’s awesome that a sweet old  (albeit unknown) Asian lady got an Oscar. But To be honest, Glenn was snubbed. HAARD. Even more than Chadwick Boseman in my humble opinion. I mean clearly. Yes, it’s sad that Chadwick died, and at such a young age. He was an incredibly gifted actor, and I’m pissed about his snub too. But more so about Glenn’s to be honest.

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Let’s review why shall we? This is a woman in her mid-70’s. While actors over 70 can win an Oscar for their performances, it’s a bit different for actresses of the same age. And most actresses over 70 need a real miracle to do that.  Youn Yuh-jung had her miracle in 2021 but I digress. I mean, Anthony Hopkins just won his second Oscar at the ripe old age of 83. And he didn’t even bother to show up at the ceremony. Look, I get it. There’s a pandemic outside, and he’s an old man with a high risk of getting himself infected. It’s OK, I’m not holding grudges for not showing up, because he couldn’t be bothered to show up in the previous times he was nominated. I’m being petty now, I realize. Sorry.

But Glenn is an actress with 8 (by now) nominations and ZERO wins. That’s almost 4 decades of waiting for that Oscar, and with 0 statues in those 4 decades. Seriously, her treatment at the Oscars is shameful. And disgraceful and depressing and…. Ugh insulting. Considering that her first Oscar nomination was back in 1983. Yup. The World According to Garp was her movie back then. And in the Best Supporting Actress category too. But right here and now, her performance in Hillbilly Elegy is still captivating. It’s probably one of the best things that happened to that movie. The presence and electrifying performance of Glenn Close.

Glenn has proven over and over again that she’s one of the top 3 actresses working today, and probably one of the all-time greats. And I know that for an actress of her status, it’s basically irrelevant if she wins an Oscar or not. It means nothing to her probably. She’s awesome. She’s talented and by now a god damn legend. And she’s got nothing to prove. But to her fans, it’s a bit annoying that she’s been ignored for so long by the Academy. FORTY years long.

Looking back, I think the biggest fault for Glenn’s failure to win an Oscar is the failure of the movies she’s in to get momentum with the audience. Especially in the past decade. The Wife, Albert Nobbs and Hillbilly Elegy are movies with modest to medium size budgets. And not all of them were a success with the audience or the critics. Especially the last one. So, I can safely say that Glenn is fantastic in not so fantastic movies.

But regardless of her nonchalant nature about the Oscars, I believe she deserves one. And not just an Honorary Oscar for life achievement (which will happen eventually). But a real and proper Best actress one. Will, someone give Glenn an Oscar already?

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