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Film review is my specialty, and have been doing it ever since i graduated college. Here you can find my honest reviews on the latest movie releases coming from Hollywood and beyond.

Film Review

Joker Film Review

Let me back up a little and preface this review by adding that I was ...
October 30, 2019
Film Review

Ad Astra Film Review

To say that Brad Pitt had a great year (both professionally and privately) is an ...
October 2, 2019
Film Review

Mindhunter Season 2: The Art Is In The Dialogue

Oh and what dialogue it is. You might say that almost the entire premise of ...
August 18, 2019
Film Review

The Boys: The Cynical Cultural Critique Has Never Been More ...

Well, I binged on The Boys yesterday. I was looking forward to watching this show ...
July 28, 2019
Film Review

Hellboy Review

Sorry folks. Sorry it took me this long to write this review, but at least ...
May 11, 2019
Film Review

Shazam! Film Review

The first thing that crossed my mind after I saw the first Shazam! Trailer was…Oh ...
April 14, 2019
Film Review

Captain Marvel Review

The road to the silver screen for Marvel’s first solo movie with a female lead ...
March 20, 2019
Film Review

Alita Battle Angel Review

Alita Battle Angel has been a passion project of James Cameron for decades now, and ...
February 24, 2019
Film Review

Polar Film Review

Netflix is in the middle of their biggest gamble. They’ve made pretty much everything up ...
January 27, 2019
Film Review

The Favourite Film Review

The Favourite is Yorgos Lanthimos’s 6th directorial motion picture project. The Favourite is his 5th ...
January 9, 2019
Film Review

Aquaman Film Review

Aquaman in the second full length film centered on a solo DC character and sixth ...
December 24, 2018
Film Review

Widows Film Review

Steve McQueen’s last movie was 12 Years As A Slave. And as much as it ...
November 27, 2018