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In Case You Didn’t Noticed… Christian Bale Has A Soft ...

Yes, I know I know…. I’m stating the obvious. I knooooow. Christian Bale is truly amazing in practically everything, and Ford V Ferrari is apparently ...
November 18, 2019
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Let’s Talk About The Promo Photos Set In Subway Cars

You’ve probably noticed it too. You know… The trend that’s prevalent in contemporary movies. The subway car promotional photo stills I mean. Ocean’s 8 had ...
November 10, 2019
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The Morning Show: It Ain’t Newsroom That’s For Sure

All right now. I just binged on the first three episodes of The Morning Show and… well… It’s not what expected to be… Let’s put ...
November 4, 2019
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I’m Late To The Party But Warrior Is Really Good

Yes, I know I know. With so many new shows coming to the small screen this month how can I possibly write about something that ...
November 2, 2019
Film Review

Joker Film Review

Let me back up a little and preface this review by adding that I was one of the select few people on this planet that ...
October 30, 2019
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F***K The Haters! Joker Has One of The Best Depictions ...

‘The worst part about having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don’t.’ writes Arthur Fleck in one of his ...
October 27, 2019
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