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Relax! Nobody’s Replacing James Bond


Relax dudes! Nobody is replacing James Bond. There will not be a female James Bond character and nobody is going to be replacing this iconic role with a female actress.

Take a deep breath and chill… And I know why you’re so pissed. Every god damn character of your childhood has been either replaced with an actress or there’s been a remake with multiple reverse roles (Ghostbusters rings any bells?).

Well, don’t you worry about that. Lashana Lynch will be playing a colleague of Bond in the upcoming Bond 25 movie. Not taking over his role. Think about it. James Bond couldn’t be the only agent with a 007 status in the entire MI6, could he? Nope. So, I’m for one glad that we’ll be seeing a new 007 agent in this particular movie. Her name is Nomi and I expect her to be a true bad-ass.

But yeah. Bond can’t be the only one with a license to kill, and I’m glad that this particular character is a lady. I’m also eager to find out the dynamic between these two characters, and how will Bond conduct around her. Will he try to seduce her? Will, there be animosity between them, some rivalry maybe?

Or she’ll turn out to be a double agent who will betray Bond and the entire MI6? We’ll find out next year that’s for sure. But don’t despair in the meantime. Nobody is replacing Bond. He will remain a man (as it should) but I had my hopes set for a much younger and talented actor to fill the Bond shoes. Someone like Tom Hiddleston.

But as for Lashana Lynch, she did a killer job in Captain Marvel and I’m happy to see her in the latest Bond movie. I have no doubt in my mind that she’ll do a killer job again. Literally.

So take a chill pill, everybody. Relax. Lashana is not stepping in the shoes of James Bond. She’ll be the one testing Bond.


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