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The Trolls Won’t Back Down But They’ll Shut Up For A Moment


You’ve probably heard the news. Rotten Tomatoes has removed the option for fans to comment and review on films before their release.

The „Want to see“ anticipation scores was a common problem among the studio and distributors alike for years and years, as fans were able to write comments and review the movie before it was released in theaters.

This messed up many things, and finally something was done about it.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, visitors were confusing the “want to see” rating with its “Audience Score.”

And I can’t really blame them. But also the latter was used and abused option by the trolls and the triggered fanboys who had a nice outlet to express their sexism, racism, SJW complaints and overall hatred to anything that didn’t appealed to them.

For instance Captain Marvel’s „Want to see“score was brought down to measly 28%, and changes had to be done. So the audience score on RT will remain in the same prominent position it always had but now with a brand new design, and the comment avalanches will begin after the movie opens on March 8th.

So I’m really glad about this reform to be honest. How can you comment on a movie that you still haven’t seen? By this point only a select few journalists and critics have seen Captain Marvel and you don’t see them writing on Rotten Tomatoes now do you?

Look, if the fans end up hating on Captain Marvel, fine. They’ll hate it. There’s nothing much that it can be done in this matter. But at least have the decency to wait and actually go and see it. Hating on the movie, weeks (even months) in advance is just trolling and RT is not having it.

So yeah. I’m glad Rotten Tomatoes did this. This won’t make the Trolls to back down, but at least it will make them shut up for a moment.


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