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The Loudest Voice: Sex, Politics And Not Enough Seth McFarlane


Well, I started watching The Loudest Voice. The Showtime’s mini-series that was inspired by the life and career (at least part of it) of Roger Ailes. You know… The notorious, unscrupulous and ruthless founder of Fox News.

The mini-series is directly adapted from the bestselling novel by Gabriel Sherman, called The Loudest Voice in the Room and it has the Academy Award winner Russel Crowe in the lead role. That of Roger Ailes of course.  And I’m here because of Russel. And Sienna and Naomi, but most of all I’m here because of Seth McFarlane.

Have I mentioned how big of a Seth McFarlane fan I am? No? Well, by all means, let me be clear about that. I ADORE Seth. His voice, his singing, his hosting, his animated TV shows, his acting, and his overall talent. Everything that this man touches or makes, I LOVE!. Seriously. And I get why he took on the role of Brian Lewis. The ex-vice-president of Fox. Every single one of his shows is on Fox (Fox Television Animation, Inc to be exact) and i guess he felt obliged to show some love for the network. But I was surprised by the shockingly low amount of McFarlane in this TV series. Like almost non-existent. And i’m not happy about that.

The series is in its third episode and he barely made an appearance in the first two. Now, I don’t know about you but when I’m promised a Seth McFarlane, I want to see some Seth McFarlane damn it. His screen time improved in the third episode but, I’m hoping to see more of him in the fifth episode. It’s set in 2012 and it’s a year before his character (Brian Lewis) left Fox News.

Now, the series is good in quality and entertaining (at least so far) but not it’s excellent. It’s too focused on Roger and not enough on the other characters, and in the spirit of Fox News, it seems biased and one-sighted. But I can’t find fault in the performances. They’re all top-notch and Seth is no exception. He’s amazing. We rarely get to see this side of his talent, and I’ll take on every opportunity to see him play a devilish asshole.

Much like myself, Seth is also a democrat and a liberal one of that, and I can only imagine how fun it was this role for him. But what’s interesting about him and the series, there is one particular scene at the start of the second episode. The episode is set in 2001, and it starts with the terrorist’s attacks on 9/11. Seth was supposed to be on one of those planes. The ones that hit in the towers of the World Trade Center. He was hangover, and he missed the flight that was eventually doomed.

He re-lived that moment all over again in this episode and on top of that he had to act shocked and in disbelief.

Kudos to Seth for that. I guess he is a goddamn professional. And, although this is not a high-quality series (well not in the range of Chernobyl or Newsroom for instance) and you’ll be internally pissed by some of its content, I highly recommend that you watch it. If not for anything else, just for the amazing acting that can be found in just about every scene.

Oh and for Seth, of course.


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