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Oh, Disney! Just Stop!


Seriously. Look I’m all for making money an all, but this is getting ridiculous.

And by this, I mean the constant influx of live action remakes of the beloved classic Disney movies. Yes, I’m very well aware of the argument that by making them, they’re reaching out to a new generation of fans, and it’s a valid argument. But the thing is… they’re too much. Literally too much. Quantity over quality too much.

And aside from being a live-action version, they often do not differentiate from the original animated version. Most often than not, they’re a scene by scene copy of the original movie and in some cases, Disney is not even trying to hide the CGI.

Much like in The Lion King… What the hell is that? Well, the official Wikipedia page of the Lion King states that the 2019 movie is a photo-realistic computer-animated remake of the traditionally animated 1994 film of the same name. Not a live action I must add.

Although Beauty and the Beast had some CGI characters (the Beast) and Aladdin had almost none (Will Smith in his life form was the Genie for the most part) The Lion King is all CGI. In every single character. Actors like Donald Glover and James Earl Jones are basically voicing the characters much like it was the case in the 90’s animated movie.

Which brings me to Mulan. You’ve probably seen the first trailer. The live action movie Mulan is set for a 2020 release and although the trailer looks decent, I’m afraid it’s going to be another pretentious Disney mess that would eventually waste another long list of fantastic artists.

And I don’t know about you, but the constant mediocre live-action flicks that Disney is popping out every few months is having the opposite effect on me. I just lost interest in these half-baked products that don’t even match the originality, the creativity, and joy or the originals. The animated movies of the ’80s and ’90s were made with love, hard work and lots of imagination. These alive action movies seem like lifeless copies that are devoid of fun, creativity, and humor.

But the thing is I’m not alone in this. And I don’t agree with the fact that these new versions are ruining my childhood memories. No. Every generation has its memories and I’m well aware that Disney needs to keep up with the time. I get that. What I hate is the thing that these live action movies have turned into. Soul-less money grabbing machines that are made with just the fraction of the money and talent.  These new remakes may have a big budget but they’re poor on almost every other department.

I’m not going to be watching Mulan. Just like I passed on The Lion King and Aladdin. My desire for decent movies is exponentially growing as I grow older, and Disney’s half-baked attempts are not doing anything for me. Sorry, not sorry.


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