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Mulan: A Soulless Disney Super Hero

I’m not joking. You can pretty see that from the first 15 minutes of the live-action remake. She basically flies like a super-hero. Fights like a super-hero and is treated like a superhero. And that’s ...
September 10, 2020
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It’s Cute That Hollywood Is Still Hoping For Movie Releases!

I get. I get it all right? Hollywood is a money-making machine. It’s the showbiz capital and aside from entertaining us, Tinseltown needs to earn the big bucks. Which is why we’re getting notifications about ...
June 28, 2020
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Are You Ready To Go Back To The Movies?

How long has it’s been since you went the movie theater? To actually watch a movie? I don’t know about you, but for me it’s been way too long, let me tell you that. This ...
June 5, 2020
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Oh, Disney! Just Stop!

Seriously. Look I’m all for making money an all, but this is getting ridiculous. And by this, I mean the constant influx of live action remakes of the beloved classic Disney movies. Yes, I’m very ...
July 8, 2019