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For The Record… The Bad Sequels/Reboots Are Flopping This Summer


It’s basic science actually. Good movies are always going to find an audience and eventually succeed at the box office.

You’ve probably noticed it. There’s been an influx of blockbuster flops and they’re quite frankly too much and too noticeable to ignore. But the general consensus of the situation is that all of the blockbusters that are in the movie theaters (or at least that were released in the past few months) are failing to attract audience.

That’s just not true. The terrible movies are the ones that are failing and flopping both critically and commercially. The good ones are killing it actually. What do I mean by good and bad? Well, it’s no secret that Avengers Endgame really hit the the high notes both with the critics and with the audience. It enjoyed a great critical acceptance and earned more than 2 billion dollars at the box office.

Marvel’s second release Captain Marvel received polarizing critical reviews, but also managed to score big at the box office. John Wick 3 is currently crushing it, and it’s being lauded as one of the best movies in the franchise. But what about the bad ones? The terrible movies that are singled out as the culprits for ruining the summer blockbuster season? Well, They’re quite a few actually and they’re terrible that’s for sure. Starting from Dumbo and Aladdin all the way to Godzila- King Of The Monsters, Shaft, Dark Phoenix and Men In Black International. What’s in common about these movies? Well, the first two are live action remakes of beloved Disney classics, while the last four are sequels of beloved franchises. Oh the dreaded sequels.

And with the exception of Aladdin, none of these movies exceeds 50% of positive approval mark on Rotten Tomatoes. They’re boring, unimaginative and repetitive reanimating of the same old story. And in the Dark Phoenix’s case, it turned out to be terrible and sad ending to an otherwise great movie franchise.

Time will tell if the history will end up repeating itself with the upcoming sequels Toy Story 4 and Spider-man Far From Home (which are headed to the movie theaters), but something tells me that the trend is going to continue until the very end of the blockbuster season. And you have the film studios to blame for that. Thinking that the star power of Sophie Turner (fresh out of Game Of Thrones), Millie Bobby Brown (fresh out of Stranger Things) Chris Hemsworth (fresh out of Marvel’s everything) and the rest of the new blood in Hollywood are enough to draw the crowds into the movie theaters. They’re not. Nor is the presence of Will Smith to be honest.

It’s a start but you can’t put all of your eggs in one basket. You can’t have Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson in a mediocre movie at best, and call it a day. The same goes for the Dark Phoenix fiasco. The movie had an incredible lineup of fantastic actors, a cliché premise but good overall potential. And sadly at the same time an incredible talent was wasted here. Not to mention an incredible amount of money. So, don’t blame the terrible blockbuster movies that are flopping. It’s not the case with all of them. The bad sequels and terrible reboots are the ones that are failing. There’ll always be a turnout for good movie. Like I said. It’s just basic science.


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