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Keep Up The Good Work MCU!


Well, I saw Spider-Man far From Home yesterday, and it was great to be honest. You can expect my full and detailed review this upcoming weekend, but for now I want to focus on one particular thing.

How MCU has improved the villain picks. Look…. Marvel is not known to have the best film villains out there. Let’s face it. Aside from Loki, and in recent years Vulture (played by the amazing Michael Keaton in Homecoming) the film studio hasn’t had any luck in this department.

The villains suffered tremendously, and there’s a reason why the most prominent and well known among the bunch is Loki. He’s been featured in plenty of MCU movies, and he even progressed from being a full on villain to being an antihero. He was and until this very day is probably the best MCU villain, and so far none of the characters in the Cinematic universe even comes close to the level of Loki.

But I’m happy how things are going in the new Spider-Man franchise. Michael Keaton literally crush it in Homecoming a few years back, and now Jake Gyllenhaal is carrying the torch in Far From Home. For the first time, Marvel is truly attempting to catch up with Loki, and for the first time they’re getting closer to that ideal.

To be clear, I have issues with Mysterio too. I have issues with the character and how he was developed but I was soooo happy of his casting that I looked past the flaws and focused on the virtues of this casting decision. First of all, Jake is a phenomenal actor. And I do mean phenomenal. He’s incredibly versatile, talented and charismatic but it’s his versatility that I really think got him this job.

And that versatility is no joke! If you take a closer look at his career in the past few years, you’ll notice two things. His willingness to collaborate with amazing directors and his affinity to playing villains/raging psychos. Nightcrawler really showed us a fraction of Jacke’s range and talent. Demolition, Nocturnal Animals, Okja, The Sisters Brothers and this year’s Velvet Buzzsaw solidified our perception of Jake’s talent. And here in Far From Home he got to have both things. Jon Watts is an amazing and very talented young director and he fit perfectly in the role of Mysterio. My biggest complain about this character is the insufficient screen time, lack of good dialogue and very little time spent with the main hero Peter Parker. Aside from that, his agenda is much more devious and his modus operandi is much more high tech and sophisticated when compared to other MCU villains.  Too bad, that the screenwriters didn’t explore Mysterio a bit more in this movie. Mysterio had the potential to be awesome. Right now, he’s almost there.

However, I think that this particular franchise and therefore MCU is on a good path. With little blimps and blemishes that can easily be forgiven, the progress that was made in the villain department is evident and recognizable. And I’m applauding it. Peter Parker is finally getting some worthy opponents and Tom Holland is getting some worthy mentors to look up to. He’s got plenty to learn from and with the help of Michael Keaton, Jake Gyllenhaal and even Samuel L. Jackson on the opposite side of the spectrum. Tom Holland has plenty of good potential to show us in this franchise, thanks to the improving villains.

Keep up the good work MCU! You’re on the right path.


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