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Hey Disney! Can’t really improve perfection, now can you?


All right now. You’ve probably heard the news. Disney is turning the highly acclaimed book/film  High Fidelity into a TV series format. Yup. There will be a PG-13 TV series based on Nick Hornby’s book and not just John Cusack is not happy about it, I’m not really happy about it.

Did I mentioned that it will have a female actress in the lead? Oh, yes. Continuing the trend of gender swapping the lead roles in famous remakes and reboots, High Fidelity is i’m afraid…. the latest casualty of that trend.

However… This particular rant is not about a nostalgic, childhood moment that I feel Disney is ruining with this TV series. Far from it. This is not an anti-feminists rant from a 30 something woman that feels that women cannot lead a TV series or movies. This is not even bashing attempt of that trend for that matter. If you want to make female lead TV series, knock yourself out Disney!. Create a brilliant and bad ass female hero character that kick ass and will most likely be an inspiration to millions of young girls and young women. Go for it!

But please! Don’t take the easy way and mess with perfection. Cause that’s what this movie is for me and to many of its devoted fans. It’s literal perfection, and how on Earth you can improve perfection? You can try, but you will most certainly fail.

The second problem I have with this stupid Disney move, is the fact that the series will be lighter in tone, upbeat and rated PG-13. Upbeat? Have you seen the movie Disney? Have you read the book? What I and so many other fans loved about the movie (and the book) was the fact it was filled with sarcasm, misery, profanity and idiosyncratic but annoying characters. Even the breakups were annoying and hilarious at the same time. Sure the breaking the fourth wall will remain untouched in the TV series, but everything else will frankly be changed. And who are the songs that will be referenced now, to appeal to the audience? Taylor Swift’s Style? Come on!

The music was a big part of the movie and its legacy and I cannot imagine Jack Black dancing manically to any song other than Walking on sunshine! And who can actually play the female version of Rob Gordon? If it would be the non-light/non family friendly version I’d honestly say that the only woman (cynical and talented actress with a deadpan comedic delivery) that is actually worthy of this role is Janeane Garofalo.

Seriously. Garofalo is dark, twisted and grumpy enough to pull off a decent version of this character, but I can’t even imagine anyone close to her. So, I agree with John Cusack on this. Disney will fuck this up, and I’m going to be the first to say… Told you so….

But hey… That’s just the pessimist in me.


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