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Let’s Face It…. August Is The Worst Of The Dump Months


All, right now. It’s been universally accepted that January is a bad bad bad month for every movie fan. It’s right before the peak of Award season, and it’s the month in which every studio is trying to unload the garbage movies that probably nobody is even gonna bother to watch.

But I would beg to differ. I would argue that August is the worst of all of the Dump months, and this month is just atrocious. That’s right. I’m calling it. If you thought that August 1996 was bad (check it out), you haven’t even noticed the line-up of bad movies that Hollywood has just for us this month.

Yip, I’m not going to even bother making a list of all the movies you need to be watching this month, because I really think that that list wouldn’t go past number 3. Seriously. The only decent movie that I think is really going to make an impact is Official Secrets, but that remains to be seen. The rest is stupid comedies, idiotic action flicks and even more horrible horror movies.

And if you take a good look at the movie line up for August you’ll definitely notice the abundance of movies that are waiting for releases. Yes, there are plenty of movies with scheduled premieres in August (and i do mean a lot), but I can hardly compose a list of 4 decent movies that are worth to watch. Out of 26 movies that are on the list, barely 3-4 are hopefuls.

Yes, as you can probably figure it out by yourself, August 2019 is quantity over quality type of a month, when it comes to the movie offerings and it’s really disappointing to be honest.

I know that it’s a month in the peak of the holiday/wedding season but come on… This is just sad. I mean it’s Slim Pickens and Hollywood is not even shy about it. But hey. At least some good will come out of it. I’m just a month away from my wedding, just started a new job and I’m in no position to spend more money. The cinema experience will just have to wait, and September will be the month for that again. I’m already planning on watching IT- Chapter 2 after I officially say I DO.

The city hall wedding is set for September 6th and right after that is our date at the movies. Pennywise here we come.


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