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Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood: The Ending Was Wacky But Not Surprising


Ok… Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood. The latest Quentin Tarantino movie.

Saw it yesterday and I loved it. I’m going to watch it again in the next few weeks and give it my final review… but for now I’m going to address that ending.

Yes, the ending that everyone is talking about. And I must admit, it was wacky but not surprising. I’m going to be entering spoiler territory from now on, so if you haven’t seen the movie…. Stop reading this post immediately. Unlike the real life events that inspired the movie, Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood ends on a happier note. In the Tarantino’s movie Sharon Tate lives. That’s right. The actress doesn’t die in the Tarantino’s period peace, but she and her inner circle of friends are saved by Leo and Brad’s characters.

They kill and destroy the Manson’s demented followers and write a new chapter in world’s history. Some of the media outlets and the social media comment’s I’ve read were baffled by this deviation of history, but I wasn’t. It’s Tarantino. Why is everyone so surprised by this?

I actually cheered and clapped in these particular scenes and frankly loved them. I felt that they were not just a good homage to Sharon Tate, but a swan song that she didn’t get to have. She’s very much alive in Tarantino’s heart and wanted to give her a happy ending that she deserved. One might think that by changing the history is making a mockery of her gruesome death, but I disagree with that notion. I had bone to pick with Quentin over the Margot Robbie’s (and therefore over Sharon Tate’s) screen-time, but I had no problem with the character and her fate.

Brad and Leo’s characters get an invite to the A-Listers of that time and Sharon Tate get to live on, be free and fabulous. I was honestly surprised by the happy ending, but I wasn’t surprised by her happy ending. Tarantino has been well known to rewrite history events, to change them and to make them his own. It happened in Inglorious Bastards, it happened in Django Unchained and it happened once again in Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood.

I really loved Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood. Leo and Brad were terrific and Tarantino did a solid directing/writing job. It was a pretty good movie. Better than the previous one to be honest. Hated The Hateful Eight with a vengeance, but this was the Tarantino we all know and love personified.


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