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Welcome To Wedding Pressure 101


Exactly one month from now, I’ll be a married woman. And I’m really looking forward to that. I love spending the rest of my life with this wonderful man of mine.

As a woman who thought would never ever get married, this is a huge deal. And I admit there are some things that terrify me leading up to the wedding, and after.

As an introvert (Martin is an introvert as well) I’m really scared shitless of being the center of attention. On My Wedding   ! In front of around 80-90 guests. For an entire 8 hour long evening. I can’t seem to calm my nerves and tone down my anxiety regarding that unwanted attention.

Oh and there’s the dancing problem. Here’s the thing. I’m not blessed with the dance. I can’t dance for the life of me. I look like Chandler Bing when dancing. How do I fake it till I make it in one month time? Cause I’m not going to be on Dancing with the stars, let’s face it. I just have to pass for a normal bride and not to injure my future husband during the first dance (on She’s like the wind I might add).

Oh, and you know what else is unwanted in this period of my life? The unsolicited advice from pretty much everyone around me about random seemingly trivial stuff. What should I put in my hair? A hair-piece or a vail? What type of music should I have one MY wedding? What type of cake to serve? And those people tend to get argumentative and offensive when I tell them something that they clearly don’t agree with. Is anybody else dealing with this nonsense? Just me? Oh well.

And you know what I’m dredging after the wedding? The baby questions. Are you pregnant? When are you going to get pregnant? You’re no spring chicken honey. Chop Chop. Get on it, and start with the baby-making business. Just this past week my aunt came for a visit and the first thing she noticed my swollen belly. First there was the rubbing of my belly and then was the inevitable question.

No, I’m not pregnant. It’s just PMS. In fact I was nursing myself after a massive hangover from the previous night, but I left out that part in my explanation. Jesus, it thought. I’m not even married and they’re starting. As you can tell, my older relatives are not that sensitive and PC as I would hope… But hey… You can’t really chose your relatives.

And there you have it. My wedding pressures 101. I thought that they’re going to be present in my life for about a month… but I’ve just realized they’re here to stay.



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