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The Best Carrie Fisher Movie You’ve Probably Never Heard Of


Carrie Fisher passed away 2 years ago. The news of her death still feels fresh and raw even today, but while there were many tributes on the anniversary of her untimely death, i want to talk briefly about one of my favorite Carrie Fisher’s movies.

This Is My Life (1992)

No, it’s not a Star Wars movie, it’s not When Harry Met Sally… or The Women, although I love all of them. No. Like i’ve mentioned in the title, it’s one of Carrie’s lesser-known movie, and one that not that many have heard of.

I’m talking about This Is My Life. The 1992 directorial debut of Nora Ephron had The Simpson’s Julie Kavner in the lead role of Dottie Ingels- a struggling comedian and a single mother of 2 young daughters. Samantha Mathis and Gabby Hoffman played her young daughters, and Carrie was in there too. She was the cigarette waving talent scout, who along with Dan Aykroyd’s The Moss character will take care of Dottie’s career in the stand-up circuit.

Carrie smoked like a chimney and Dan ate paper napkins in This Is My Life and they were just brilliant despite having minor roles. Carrie and Dan had amazing chemistry some 12 years after Blues Brothers and although they were in the much much-supporting roles, they did leave an impression on me for sure.

I remember watching This Is My Life almost every week because the TV channels wouldn’t spend a weekend morning without playing it back when I was a child. Even to this day, I remember lines from that movie, but now that I’m an adult, I can truly appreciate that movie in its full glory. Why? Because it had strong female characters in the center of the story (not that many films had that back in the 90’s) and the movie touched on so many feminist issues (again, a non-existing thing in the 90’s). It’s true… It wasn’t the norm back in the 90’s to portray women like that and now i fully realize how ahead of its time, that movie’s script was.

With a single working mother of two in the center of the film, This Is My Life talked about the success of a woman and how it would be perceived by her family and friends. When Dottie’s career was taking off, and she was truly starting to be appreciated and admired for her comedic talent, her family life was suffering. Her daughters were often left home with babysitters and they barely had the chance to see their mom. They became angry and resentful of their mother’s success, because that ment she was spending less time at home.

This Is My Life touched on so many great subjects, and although it was Oh, and did i mentioned that she gave birth to her daughter Billie just a couple of months after the premiere of that movie? Yup. Carrie was a bad-ass that way too. Roger Ebert, on the other hand, loved This Is My Life and gave 3 out of 4 stars I his review, and i just love that fact.

Watching This Is My Life brings back one of the fondest memories of my childhood, and this is the perfect opportunity to look back at this amazing movie. I highly recommend it. Wonderful cast, amazing acting, whip-smart humor in the lines and brilliant direction from Nora Ephron.



  1. Isabela Gomes 15 August, 2019 at 20:18 Reply

    Where can I find this movie to download (for free it’d be good)?
    I’m a huge fan of Carrie and I want to see all of her movies but it’s getting very difficult to find some of them, like This Is My Life.

    • filmsane 27 August, 2019 at 20:10 Reply

      Yeah me to… But i can’t find it anywhere. I’ve searched everywhere! and still nothing. This movie is non existent on line. If i find something i’ll let you know.

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