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IT Chapter 2 Trailer: Oh Great… I’m Gonna Have Nightmares Again


You’ve probably seen it. The teaser trailer for IT Chapter 2. The 2017 film scared the crap out of me in the movie theater, and the teaser for the Chapter 2, made me poop my pants right in front of my PC. Seriously. Saw the trailer late last night and oh my God!

Seriously. I had nightmares for three solid days after I saw the first movie and I have a feeling that it will happen again. Oh and one interesting fact about it is that the Chapter 2 premiere is set for September 6th. That date is actually my wedding day!. Yup. I’m going to get married in City Hall in the afternoon and we’re thinking of going to the movies just to see Chapter 2 afterwards.

Watching the first movie back in 2017 was one of the best experiences of my life (and the scariest to be honest). I saw the movie while scrunched up next to Martin. I kept screaming and turning my head towards him, instead to the screen, but it was a great experience nonetheless.

Oh and I had nightmares for 3 days straight but who’s counting. However, I’m really looking forward in seeing James McAvoy and Jessica Chastain again on the screen, and of course my man Bill Hader.

I love him in non-comedic roles and I think he’ll be a fantastic Ritchie Tozier.

Have you had your daily dose of scary? If not, take a good look at the trailer for IT Chapter 2 now.


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