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Avengers Endgame Is A Big Thank You Note For Robert Downey Jr


Well, I saw Avengers Endgame today. It was great, as expected and you can expect my review shortly (after I publish the Hellboy review). But for now let my touch on one amazing takeaway from the entire movie. The one thing that made me cry (in both good and bad ugly-cry kinda way).

You know… RDJ. Yes, him. Well, aside the fact that co-director Joe Russo played a grieving gay man in a post Thanos support-group and Cap was right next to him giving him support to move on. Oh yeah, everything about that 2 minute long scene was wonderful. Way to go Marvel!. But i digress. This is more of a RDJ post!.

The man himself. I mean Robert Downey Jr. The man behind the Iron Man suit. Yup him. After 11 years, you know him all too well i suppose. This was his final appearance in the famed role and Marvel really did put an effort to thank him for all of his commitment.

In fact if you look at the role of Tony Stark in Avengers Endgame, you’ll find out that the entire movie is a bid thank you not addressed towards Robert. It’s a thank you for starting the MCU. It’s a thank you for being the de-facto leader of the Avengers. It’s a big thank you for being brilliant and awesome. It’s a big thank you for being a trailblazer and a mentor to dozens of future Marvel stars.

Without going into the spoiler territory, Robert really delivers the goods in Endgame and so does his character. Tony is truly at his best, and Marvel really expanded his character even more. He’s a father now, he’s a bad-ass and he’s the selfless, dedicated leader of the Avengers. He’ has by far the biggest screen time (as he should), he provides the answers (and the solutions) and carries the torch for everybody in the fight against Thanos. And he finally gave Peter Parker a proper (non-sarcastic) hug after all.

I didn’t think it was possible to give him the best send off, thank this but Marvel did a really good job. He may be replaced someday in the role of Tony Stark, but nobody I repeat nobody will be able to touch Robert. His dedication and his impact on the MCU are unmatched, and believe me… This will be the case for quite some time in the future.

He’s truly one hell of an actor. And this is the best thank you note that Marvel could have made for the character that started it all.



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