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The Matrix Is Perfect As It Is! Stay The Fuck Away From The Matrix!


Some movies a timeless. Perfect just the way they are. Casablanca is in that bracket, and so is Back to the Future. But to be fair, so is The Matrix. You know, probably the most bad-ass SF movies that were ever made? The Wachowski’s masterpiece from the late 90’s still holds the torch for being not just one of the best SF/action movies ever, but one of the best movies ever. Period.

The Matrix revolutionized how we perceive our reality, our relationship with the technology all around us, it revolutionized how movies are made from the technological and artistic standpoint and it was pure and simply bad-ass of a movie that solidified Keanu as a Box office star.

I remember walking out of the movie theater 20 years ago (I was 13 when I saw it) and all I knew back then is that I wanted to see it again. And again. And again. And I did frankly. Saw it several times afterwards with my friend Maria (who admittedly was a bigger SF fan than me) and it still holds the bar today, almost 20 years since the release. It’s still an amazing piece of movie.

It’s a movie that plenty of other directors attempted to emulate and even copy but failed miserably. The second and third installments from the Matrix trilogy were also disasters (at least for me) but the 1999 Matrix movie was something else. Something special that still feels fresh and modern as it did 20 years ago.

Which is why I’m against any potential reboot. I don’t care if the Wachowski’s are reportedly behind it (although nothing is confirmed by them or by the studio). But first let me elaborate why this decision was even brought up into consideration. You know… Why this terrible idea was even conceived. First and foremost, the rumors come after the overall discovery of the Keanu effect and his career resurgence after the massive success of the John Wick franchise. Secondly, because the reboots and the remakes (especially in the live-action form) and the norm right now, and a golden ticket to cashing in a lot of money for the film studios. Nostalgia is the third factor, and last but certainly not least, you have to think about Wachowski’s desperation. Their careers haven’t been all that great and stellar and after decades filled with commercial and critical flops, the Wachowski’s are desperate (with a capital D) to get their careers back on track. They have nothing on the agenda, and they’re currently not even the 7th directorial choice to the producers in this town.

To be fair, Kevin Smith is doing something similar with the Jay And Silent Bob remake/reboot or whatever that he’s doing, but I hope to God it doesn’t turn into the latest trend. Directors rebooting and remaking their own movies. And furthermore… Even if the movie somehow gets the green light, I don’t really care who will get cast in the lead role. For me Keanu is the one and only Neo. Nobody else will have the balls to come even near his performance, let alone dedication and training.

So, it’s best not to touch The Matrix. Its perfect movie just as it is. It’s amazing and much like the main star of the movie, it gets better with age. Stay The Fuck Away From The Matrix! It’s bad idea Hollywood. Bad idea Wachowski’s. Bad Hollywood. Bad!



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