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Why Is Everyone Suprised About Dark Phoenix’s Flop?


Well, you’ve probably heard the news. The latest (and probably the last installment from the X-Men franchise) premieres this weekend. The reviews from the film critics and some of the fans have been disastrous, and is expected to earn a lot less than any other X-Men movie.

To which I say… Why is everybody so surprised about this? Everybody saw this coming. Me included. The writing was on the wall, many many months ago. Things started to go downhill, the minute that the first premiere date was postponed. Than the second, and the third. The movie was supposed to premiere last year, but it was pushed and pushed for so long that it became ridiculous.

Production problems, reshoots and rewrites plagued the production and the post-production as well, and the constant second guessing of the rookie director Simon Kinberg really took a tool on the quality of the movie.

Sometimes it’s best to leave the movie in the hands of somebody that really knows that the hell is doing. Look, I’m not bashing first time directors. There are plenty of rookie directors that really did a decent job on franchise movies and Tim Miller first come to mind. Deadpool was his first feature film ever, and he did a phenomenal job at directing it.

But, my two cents about Simon Kinberg is that he overestimated his talent and became overly confident in his directing abilities. He may be a decent screenwriter, but he’s apparently less qualified to direct a blockbuster movie that’s worth at least 200 million dollars.

But fort the life of me, I can’t fathom why is everyone so surprised by the Dark Phoenix’s bad reviews? It was bound to happen. You could really tell that it was mess of a movie even months before the trailer was released. And speaking of the trailer? It didn’t grab my interest, nor did it make me want to watch the movie. It was uninspiring, bland and generic. I’m guessing the same can be said about Dark Phoenix as well. I mean the movie doesn’t even have the words X-Men in the title. To the unknowing Joe walking into a movie theater, it’s very non-explanatory title. You won’t know what you’re watching a franchise movie that’s been present in the pop culture for nearly 2 decades? Yup. You’d have no idea.

So, yeah. Don’t get surprised by the bad reviews and the poor box office performance. There were signs everywhere, leading up to the premiere. All you had to do is recognize them.


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