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Birds Of Prey: Renee Montoya Is Every Overlooked Woman In The World


All right now. It took me a while, but I finally found the time to watch Birds Of Prey. And I actually loved it. It was action-packed, fun and hilarious, and don’t even get me started on how fabulous was Margot Robbie in the role of Harley Quinn.

I also loved the animated opening scene, the costumes, the music (especially the use of Barracuda in another Margot Robbie movie) and of course the characters. Like I mentioned before… Harley was awesome and she clearly carried the movie on her shoulders. But there was one other character that I loved dearly too.

That of Renee Montoya. Played brilliantly by Rosie Perez, Montoya was the character that I identified with the most. I’m by no means an alcoholic or a lesbian (just to be clear) but as a woman I did worked in a male-dominated industry, and boy did I ever experienced misogyny-based injustice in the work place. Let me tell you something about it.

Much like Montoya, I was also overlooked on so many occasions, I’ve lost count. At the start of my journalistic career I worked as a sports journalist, and I can’t tell you how many times I ignored at a simple press conference. My questions were dismissed or downgraded by the people that held the press conference, and it was very hard to get to the bottom of the story. I muscled through but it was hard to even get somebody on the line (once they heard my voice), let alone to get an interview inquiry. Oh, and let’s not forget… at every single one such event I would get asked the same question…

What are you even doing here? Leave the sports writing to the men.

But that was nothing compared to the experience I had just a few months ago. I’m not writing this to play the pity card or to whine about my less than stellar working experiences. We’ve all had them right? And definitely I’m not here to bash the entire male population. No just the deserving assholes who promote this type of behavior. Case in point my previous firm (whom shall remain nameless).

A male co-worker who was in his second month in the company (about month and a half give or take) got immediately promoted to a senior position, as opposed to the literally 50+ women who deserved that promotion waaaay more than him. They were in the company for years and years, working tirelessly and professionally and after a month and half… BOOM! The dude gets promoted! After about a month and a half in the company! Look, I know that the intricate logistics of the corporate ladder are not my strong suit, but that’s barely enough time spent in the company for even qualify for a promotion. Oh and that’s nothing. Today I learned that my ex-boss (my male ex-boss) was promoted as well. He got hired months ago, but did he really deserved that promotion? Not a fat chance if you ask me. There are so many fabulous bad-ass women who are in the company for years now and don’t even get a pay raise. They get nothing, which is a damn shame.

On one of the meetings we had, some of the ladies made notes of the injustices I mentioned before, but they were quickly dismissed with bogus silly answers. So, yeah. I empathize with Renee Montoya in Birds Of Prey. I know of so many women that are her. To a certain degree i am her. So many women that work hard, but the male colleagues around them get all the credit.  Renee Montoya is my spirit animal. Renee Montoya is the poster-child for every overlooked professional woman out there. I emphasize deeply with Renee Montoya. Oh, and I loved Birds Of Prey. There! I’ve said it. Tell me in the comments what you loved about Birds Of Prey. Would love to read your thoughts on the movie.


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