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Max von Sydow 10 Favorite Movies: Me VS My Husband


All right now. You’ve probably heard the sad sad news. The Swedish actor Max von Sydow passed away yesterday at the age of 90. Max von Sydow was respected and admired actor that had fruitful and celebrated acting career in the span of 65 years.

Max von Sydow was mostly known for his collaborations with fellow Swede, director Ingmar Bergman, and later found success in Hollywood as well. Besides Bergman, Von Sydow starred in movies directed by the cinema giants: Sydney Pollack, John Huston, William Friedkin, David Lynch, Woody Allen, Andrei Konchalovsky, Lars von Trier, Wim Wenders, Sven Nykvist, Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott.

Max von Sydow was also part of The Tudors and Game Of Thrones, arguably two of the best modern TV shows, but the Swede had an extensive and celebrated acting career in the theater. He was nominated for two Academy Awards, but didn’t win any Oscars. However, he did win the Best actor award at the Cannes film festival for his performance in Flight of the Eagle.

And since Max von Sydow was a favorite for me and my husband I decided to include his list of favorite Max von Sydow movies in this post. I just couldn’t leave Martin’s choices, since he respected him so much. And judging from our separate lists, you can plainly see the difference in taste. My picks tend to be more towards the drama/romance genre and his tend to be towards action/thriller genre.

I just could leave out Dune, The Exorcist, Minority Report, The Seventh Seal, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and of course Three Days Of The Condor. I mean how awesome was Max in that one? But probably my all-time favorite is Snow Falling On Cedars. Yeah. It’s soooo good. Check it out.

But without further ado… Here they are. Mine and Martin’s picks of 10 favorite Max von Sydow movies (in no particular order).

Oh and RIP Max von Sydow. You’re missed.


Mine Picks:                                                                  Martin’s picks:

The Seventh Seal                                                          The Greatest Story Ever Told
Through A Glass Darkly                                              Flash Gordon
The Passion Of Anna                                                    Conan The Barbarian
The Exorcist                                                                    Strange Brew
The Touch                                                                        Never Say Never
Three Days Of The Condor                                         Dreamscape
Dune                                                                                  Dune
Hannah And Her Sisters                                             Judge Dredd
Snow Falling On Cedars                                              Seventh Seal
Minority Report                                                            Dreamscape


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