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The fans are your bread and butter Jennifer! Be nice to them!


Here’s the moral conundrum that has been plaguing Hollywood starlets. Should they be rude and abrasive to the fans (people that they don’t know personally, but for some reasons they actually love and admire them) or should be kind and welcoming towards them?

As a fan (not a Hollywood actress obviously) I’m going  with the latter, but I understand the origins for the rudeness on their part. Well in a recent interview for Variety, the Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence admitted to being rude towards her fans, when they are approaching her for a selfie or at inappropriate occasions (dinners for instance). A huge asshole was the term she used, and she rationalized this behavior as her defense mechanism. Which is not OK.

Look, I get that she like every other people (especially in the show-business) has a right to privacy. I get that she has to be left alone while she’s eating their dinner, but her rudeness towards her fans is I repeat not OK. Like it or not she is a celebrity, and not just any celebrity, but she’s one of the most beautiful, talented and recognizable woman on the planet. And because of that she has people that appreciated her and would like a commemorative small talk or selfie with her. They are her bread and butter if you will. If the people you dismiss stop coming to her movies it’s game over for her career. There is a perfectly good term for that (box office poison) a judging from her recent movie flops she’s half way there.

Yes I know how ridiculous that sounds. I’m very aware of that. You’re probably thinking… Nobody is going to stop watching her movies because she’s rude, if anything it will be because her movies suck. Yes, but she has a PR image to uphold and protect, and her publicist/PR team can do so much for her. Yes she stared her career as a down to earth, all American, goofy and honest girl, but she’s headed to a reclusive and arrogant snob who personifies everything that the rest of the world hates about the Hollywood starlets. Being out of touch with reality entitled, snooty snobs. The actresses of the past didn’t had that problem, because the public didn’t had the technology for it. Now everyone carries a camera in their pocket and chances are if some of the fans run into Jennifer Lawrence of Tom Hanks or Justin Timberlake, they would probably would like a selfie photo with them. Oh, and we now have this one wonderful thing also. THE INTERNET!

As it was shown recently, Jennifer didn’t have a problem asking Lisa Rina for a selfie apparently, and in the eyes of her dismissed fans, that makes her not just a hypocrite, but a very unpleasant person. Look, there are actors and actresses that are in the business who do the same exact thing (who shall remain nameless) but there are the actors who are super nice and pleasant towards their fans. Tom Hanks is apparently a darling and so is Meryl Streep.

So… In conclusion Jennifer… Rudeness won’t get you far. There is a saying… Be nice to people when you’re climbing up, cause you’ll probably meet the same people when you’re going down. I’m pretty sure that applies to the fans too Jenn.


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