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6 Awesome Movies To Watch In June

It’s June people! Yay! It’s one of my favorite months of the year. It’s not that hot where I live (July and August are scorching hot), I’m busting out all my summer dresses, skirts and ...
June 2, 2019
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6 Amazing Movies To Watch In February

All right now. Let’s properly say goodbye to January and say hello to February. The month of Valentine’s day, BAFTA awards and the 2019 Oscars. What could be more exciting than this? Well, if you’d ...
February 1, 2019
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5 Great Movies To Watch In January

A New Year – and a new list of movies. To Be honest, I intended to write again about Louis C.K’s descend into despair, I wanted to start the new year on a positive note. ...
January 1, 2019
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Sorry Paul Schrader: The Movies Need To Change

You’ve probably heard about Paul Schrader’s remarks regarding the state of the film industry and the filmgoer’s today. He recently appeared at a BAFTA Screenwriters Series in London and spoke about the lack of quality ...
December 2, 2018
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10 Awesome Movies To Watch In December

It’s finally here. The last month of the year. December will bring a bunch of great movies that are worth paying attention to, and plenty of them are potential Oscar contenders. Among the mix of ...
December 1, 2018
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7 Great Movies To Watch At The Start Of 2019

It’s almost time… Yes, I’m very well aware that there’s a whole month to go until the end of 2018, but what the heck… I can’t wait to tell you about the upcoming movies that ...
November 29, 2018
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10 Awesome Movies You Shouldn’t Miss In November

It’s here. November, I mean. And with a new month comes a new awesome movies that are waiting to be released. There are a lot of biopics in the line-up (hey the awards season has ...
November 1, 2018
Blast from the past

Awesome Non-Horror Films To Watch On Halloween

You’re not into scary horror movies? Hey, I sympathize, I really do. I’m not into them either. Not everyone has the stomach for the gore, the guts and the killing, but hey, there’s an alternative. ...
October 31, 2018
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7 Awesome Movies You Shouldn’t Miss in October

Another month and another list of awesome movies that you shouldn’t miss. 7  is the number and eclectic is my pick for October. Yes, October is the month in which the studios are showing of with ...
October 1, 2018
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Great Films You Shouldn’t Miss In September

Another month and another list of great movies. September is the month when the official Award race begins and on September 8th, the Venice Film Festival will end. But, during the entire span of the ...
August 31, 2018
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10 Awesome Movies You Should Watch In August

Another month and another list of amazing movies that need to be watched. August brings the last batch of the blockbusters, before the Award and festival season begins in September. So with that in mind, ...
August 1, 2018
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Surprise! Suprise! Biopics Will Dominate In The Oscar Race Again

It may be the middle of the summer, but Hollywood is prepping for the upcoming Oscar race even from mid July. So, with that in mind, i saw The Playlist’s early predictions about which actress ...
July 6, 2018