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It’s Sad When You Fall Out Of Love


No, I don’t mean that about me and Martin. We’re solid. I’m talking about some of my favorite shoes.

Frankly in the past few months I’ve been catching myself going back to some of my favorite TV shows from the past. Father Ted, Veronica’s Closet, Better Off Ted (yes the name Ted was a recurring one I admit). They were great, and yes, 10, 20 years of so after their finale, they still hold the bar and yes… They’re still awesome.

But I was enjoying them I was reminded that plenty of other shoes are nearing their end (or they’re half way there).  Game of Thrones is in the final episodes, and so is Big Bang Theory. Shameless was renewed for a 10th season but I stopped watching it after the 9th. In fact I stopped watching most of the current shows or just occasionally watched an episode or two out of obligation. A nostalgia if you will.

But sometimes even the nostalgia isn’t strong enough to motivate me. And that’s when I realized. I wasn’t so set in my ways, so stuck in the past. No. The quality of those TV shoes declined and I just lost interest. It’s hard to pinpoint what exactly made me lost interest in Game Of Thrones (or Big Bang Theory), but a recurring theme in both of those shows is the progression of the plot and the development of the cast. They used to be awesome. They used to be unique and amazing.

Yes. I’m talking about the characters in both of the aforementioned shows. But it could easily apply tom plenty of more great shows that lost their way in mediocrity. Somewhere around season 5 Big Bang Theory stopped being cool, fun, informative, geeky and even funny. It turned into Beverly Hills 90210 but with bunch of physicists, and 2 hot blond ladies. The reason I started watching was the nerd geeky culture that they cultivated. I get that the show runners had to develop their characters in new directions, but was is so hard to leave all their traits as they were?

Game of Thrones is even worse. I don’t have even the slightest desire to watch the last season everyone was raving about. I lost interest long time ago, and there’s nothing that could bring it back. Hey I haven’t even read the books so I don’t have anything to compare it with, and nothing to nitpick about. I’m the easiest customer to satisfy. And they couldn’t even do that. They couldn’t satisfy my basic requirements of quality.

But falling out of love seems to be the appropriate term to use here. Why? Because there’s a very specific thing that happens when you fall out of love with someone (or in this case something). You become indifferent. I just don’t care who Arya will kill, and if John Snow will bang Deaneries. I lost the love I had for them around season 5, and I just read what happened on Facebook the next day. It saves me a lot of time and eye-rolling to be honest.  Frankly the only show that still hasn’t failed me or disappointed me (yet) is Mom. I still watch every episode like it’s my last dying wish, and the quality hasn’t dropped like (yet).

Has it happened to you as well? To fall out of love? To just feel meh about it? To make you not watch the latest episode, or even latest season? Tell me in the comments. I wanna know. I can’t be the only one.


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