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Contagion: 4 Things That Are Too Real Right Now


Well, folks… It happened. After months and months of me trying not to panic, i became worried sick about the Corona virus. More specifically I became scared for my health and the health of those around me. Oh, and sitting in self-imposed isolation and watching movies all day doesn’t help matters much. I’m very well aware of that, but I can’t help it. I worry nonetheless. However, my fear is extended to my husband who is a doctor (and in regular contact with thousands of patients every day), and to my parents as well. My mom is a cancer survivor and immunosuppressant after years of chemotherapy and radiation. She’s been in poor health for the past 10 years or so, and regularly gets sick after just a slight change of weather.

But the thing is… during my self-imposed isolation I watched all kinds of movies. Action movies, comedy, horror and yes…. disease/outbreak type of movies. Including Contagion.


The first time I watched Contagion was when it actually came out in theaters (some 9 years ago), but I figured that now is a perfect time to revisit the Steven Soderbergh-directed thriller. And boy… it did delivered the thrills. And the scares and the OH MY GOD’S. Yeah. It hit too close to home, but I found several things that are very reminiscent of the current Corona virus situation, and those things are the ones that scare me.

  1. The vaccinations were awarded by birth-date based lottery 

I know… I know… At this point, there isn’t any vaccine available for the Corona virus but even if there was, it will take a while for every one to get it. How many people will die or get infected until the right date is picked? That scares me beyond belief to tell you the truth.

  1. Looting and violence broke out

You’ve seen the footage. People fighting to buy the last pack of toilet paper, water or pasta. What if they stop just fighting and start killing each other? What if the world as we know it descends into anarchy? It’s a scary possibility, but to tell you the truth we’re not that far off. I guess I’m not scared solely about the Corona virus. Will we kill each other first?

  1. Conspiracy theorists are profiteering in times like this

You’ve probably heard the news. The notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones was ordered to stop selling fake Corona virus cures by the NY’s attorney general. Yeah. I wish I was kidding about this. But it’s not just Alex Jones. There are so many like him. Selling bogus cures and profiteering from spreading false hope to innocent victims. Do you remember Jude Law’s character in Contagion? Well, that’s what he was. A fictional version of Alex Jones.

  1. Even the most educated and prepared about the spread of the virus DIED

Yes, I know that the virus depicted in Contagion was entirely different, but it had striking similarities with the Corona virus as well. And at the same time, even the most educated people (like Dr. Erin Mears- played by Kate Winslet) died. She was educated. She was prepared and she was just doing her job. And bang… She died in an improvised hospital too- just like millions other regular Joe’s.


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