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I Found My Person… And My Maid Of Honor


Getting a new friend is not that easy… Trust me I know… As I got older I’ve found that it’s harder for me to have more friends, and especially good friends, not just acquaintances and colleagues that you meet once in a year for a cup of coffee.

No, I can safely say that I have found my person (kinda like Meredith found Christina in Grey’s Anatomy), and my future maid of honor to my wedding (kinda like Meredith was Christina’s maid of honor). And like all the good things in life, my person came into my life unexpectedly. She’s the work colleague i met on the first day and our first introduction was with a bear-hug and a big smile. How cool is that? Oh and she turned out to be one of the nicest, most genuine and happy people that you can find out there. I’ve never met a person so comfortable in herself and so sure of her character, abilities and her good natured manners. She respected my decision to leave my job position, and she watched my back before i left. She was my  judgment-free guardian angel at work, one might say.

But you know what prompted me to make her my person and my maid of honor? On the subject of vices, I casually mentioned that I had an alcohol problem in my youth. Aggravated by insomnia and depression I self-medicated myself with Vodka in order to sleep better, and I did that for the better part of my 20’s. And for the first time ever, I found empathy, support and genuine concern from someone else’s feedback.

When I mention that I used to have an alcohol problem, the first thing I read on other people’s faces was revulsion, disgust and pity. But not on her face though. At the end of our conversation she even offer to call her every time I’m in need of a talk, a vent or a rant about anything. Nobody has ever said that to me before, and it caught me by surprise. A pleasant surprise but a surprise nevertheless.

I’m usually careful about the people I reveal my past to, from fear of alienation and burdening other people with my problems. Nobody wants to know about your shit, because everybody have plenty of shit that’s their own. There’s no need to add to the pile I thought.

She also has great sense of humor and like myself is in stable and loving relationship that’s also drama free. Is there anything better that this? No, I don’t think so. She’s passionate about style and she’s an award winning makeup artist. Oh, and she has probably one of the most beautiful naturally red-headed women I’ve ever met. Seriously, her hair color (all natural of course) is envy inducing and frankly makes me sick ahaha.

Oh and besides having a new friend, I also found myself a maid of honor. She embodies the characteristics of a maid of honor beautifully and I’m pleased to call her my person. It’s a great feeling isn’t it?


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