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My fiancée saw my wedding dress months before the wedding


I saw Bride Wars recently. I know. I know… It’s a terrible movie, but it’s also a guilty pleasure of mine, since I’m engaged to be married. Oh and I’m a sucker for any Kate Hudson/Pre-Marvel chubby and adorable Chris Pratt/gorgeous puppy Steve Howey movie. Oh yeah… Ann Hathaway is in it too.

Now… The premise of Bride Wars is quite simple. Two best friends (also brides to be) are at war because somehow they both got the same date for their wedding. One is trying to sabotage the wedding of the other and you can pretty much guess the end.

But there is one particular scene that I found too familiar. Liv’s pushing of her fiancée Daniel out of the room so not to see her in a wedding dress that she picked earlier. I’m also guilty of doing that, on many occasions, and I think that I dodged that bullet, but my careless nature got the better of me. Well this weekend my fiancée saw me in my wedding dress, and the reaction I got from him was unexpected.

Relax it turned out to be great, but here is how it unfolded. Martin and I went for drinks/snacks on a Saturday night. Our mutual friend (in fact the very same that introduced me to Martin) was celebrating his birthday, and it was a perfect occasion for us to go out.

What I need to mention is that both Martin and our friend are BIIIIG video games fans and whenever we go out together I tune out and just stare blank at them. I on the other hand am not a video game fan, so you can safely say that I was bored of my mind for of the time we spent in that restaurant. So I watched football game on the big giant TV screens that were there, I was on Facebook and Instagram for a significant period of time, and I was desperately trying to fit in to no avail.

In a desperate attempt to entertain myself, I checked the gallery in my phone and among the many photos of Martin and me, my baking accomplishments and the flowers that he gave me for our anniversary were the photos of me in my wedding dress. The photos were taken on the day I paid and picked up the dress and as I was looking at them, I saw Martin leaning towards me to tell me something. And he just shouted. Oh my god I saw it…. I saw it. Why?

I’m by no means a superstitious person. I’m an Atheist and a liberal for Pete’s sake and Martin is even less so. He’s a med student and like me, very reasonable and rational man. But that reaction took me by surprise. I know for a fact that he doesn’t think it will inflict bad luck upon us, but his reaction was sincere and charming as it was panicky. Right there among our waffles, beer and fries and in a middle of discussing Tomb Raiders 2013 version. He saw me in my wedding dress you guys…  But wait…

On our way home though, he told me that it’s the most beautiful dress that he’s ever seen, and it looked fantastic on me. So crisis averted, and i can’t wait for him to see me on our wedding day. For reals. Dressed in my wedding dress and standing next to him. I just can’t wait.


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