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Golden Globes 2019: Lady Gaga’s Snub Wasn’t Really A Snub


Well the Golden Globes happened last night, and boy did they delivered!. Christian Bale thanked Satan, Sandra Oh, Glenn Close and Olivia Colman won (deservingly so), and so did the Americans in the best drama series category.

But one more significant thing happened at the Golden Globes too. A Star Is Born and Lady Gaga lost. And why is this significant? Well because of 2 things.

First, Bohemian Rhapsody (and Rami Malek) won in the best actor and best drama movie category (instead of A Star Is Born), and secondly Lady Gaga lost to Glenn Close. And that’s why my dear readers… her loss in the acting category was not actually a snub. It was a hard dose of reality.

Yup. It wasn’t an upset or a shock move from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. Let me tell you why, and just have patience.

Because unlike the Oscars and plenty of other awards that are happy to be given away to the rookie, this year’s Golden Globe awards showed that you have to work a bit harder and a bit longer to get that award.

My point is that as much as Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are popular and as much as they were committed to their craft in making this movie, they were by all accounts… ROOKIES!

Lady Gaga’s previous acting experience in a motion picture was basically nonexistent. Bit roles in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Machete Kills and Muppets Most Wanted do not count. Sure she did a decent job in American Horror Story: Hotel, but to consider her a serious actress and potential Oscar contender is a bit much. It’s a stretch and I’m not buying that, and with that in mind I’m thrilled that Glenn Close won that award instead of Lady Gaga.

And of course, her performance in A Star Is Born is lauded and praised, but I think that the majority of that praise is due to her popularity. Today’s media has a hard time differentiating popularity with talent, and Lady Gaga’s situation with A Star Is Born is my biggest pet peeve at this year’s Golden Globes.

The same goes for Bradley Cooper. I’m perfectly aware that Golden Globe awards were awarded to rookie directors before. Hey Robert Redford won a Golden Globe in the best director category when he directed his first movie (Ordinary People) and he beat Martin Scorsese, David Lunch and Roman Polanski for that Golden Globe. But those were different times and Ordinary People was a different movie.

A Star Is Born is a remake of a remake and that same story has been done times and times before, to the point when everyone in Hollywood is sick of that story.

So, my predictions for the Academy Award nominations next week are that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper will get Oscar nods, and so will the movie too. I’m not entirely convinced that they should win though. Just like last night at the Golden Globe awards.


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