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Wish granted Sophia Lillis!


You’ve probably heard the news. Jessica Chastain (yup… the two time Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain) is in talks to portray the adult version of Beverly “Bev” Marsh in the announced It sequel.

Sophia Lillis portrayed the abused and bullied Bev in the highly acclaimed (and scary) 2017 film adaptation of the Stephen King’s novel and apparently Jessica is circulating the much anticipated sequel.

This will be Jessica’s second film collaboration with It director Andy Muschietti (after the horror film Mama) and it would be a wish come true to many fans of the movie and of Chastain also.

However, it would be a wish come true to one particularly talented young lady. Sophia Lillis. Yup. About 5-6 months ago, when asked about which actor/actress should play them in the sequel, the cast members gave their honest opinions and they weren’t shy about it.

Finn Wolfhard suggested Bill Hader for instance and Wyatt Oleff suggested Joseph Gordon Lewitt.

Sophia on the other hand said Jessica. Well done kid. Your wish is granted. And it makes sense to be honest. Physically there is a huuuge resemblance between Jessica and the much younger actress. They’re both redheads, they’re both extremely talented and even Barbara Muschietti was pleasantly surprised by how much Lillis looks like Jessica Chastein. She noticed that just after first few seconds of Lillis’s audition, and to tell you the truth, so did i after the first couple of minutes of seeing IT. I distinctly remember saying that to my partner, sitting next to me in the movie theater, and i could not be more happy about the news actually. Seeing Jessica in this role is just common sense, and would bring sooo much to this movie in terms of quality and overall success.

Chastain has two movie premiers on the agenda this year. The biographical drama Woman Walks Ahead and X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

The plot of the upcoming It sequel focuses on the The Losers 27 years later, when they’ve grown up and the movie already has a September 6, 2019 release date.


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