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Too bad… Nolan would have been the perfect Bond director


You’ve probably heard the news. The acclaimed director Christopher Nolan denied the persistent rumors that he will be directing the latest Bond installment film.

Titled James Bond 25 for now, the movie is supposed to be released in 2019, and it’s also rumored to be Daniel Craig’s last film in the role of James Bond. He’s yet to confirm the decision to stay in the role of 007, but let’s focus on Nolan. Or more importantly, let’s collectively sulk about his decision not to direct this movie.

I know what you’re thinking… he would have been great as a director. No. He would have been perfect. Although I’m backing the Plan B/C/D director for this job (Yann Demange, Denis Villenueve and David MacKenzie), Nolan also admitted that had talks with the movie’s producers but nothing came out of those talks.

But why would have been perfect for the job? Well, because he puts equal effort in style and substance in his movies, and Bond is a type of movie that requires a little bit of both. OK… More so in the style department, but still… Skyfall worked really well, because he showed the emotional, caring and protective side of the character. Nolan is also keen to show nonlinear storytelling, practical special effects, innovative soundscapes, large-format film photography, and analogous relationships between visual language and narrative elements, and he could have incorporated these elements in the Bond 25 movie perfectly. Imagine an action scene that is actually practical and not CGI.

He would have had meaningful themes, current problems or even futuristic undertones in Bond 25, all seen through the eyes of one the most secluded and guarded characters ever.

He’s been known to dabble in the big budget blockbuster/franchise movies and even improve them. Look what he did with the Dark Knight trilogy. The Batman character was basically reduced to a punchline joke after Joel Schumacher’s fiasco movies of the late 90’s and Nolan (along with his brother Jonathan and his wife) made them respectable, stylish and bad ass again.

Nolan would have made Bond 25, dark, gritty, and down to earth and with a slightly human touch. With lot less product placement and a hell of a lot camera work from him and his team Bond would have been a sight for sore eyes after the very boring Spectre. Oh… And with a hell of a better villains and much more talented actresses in the Bong girl roles. I repeat. They’ll be talented too. Not just pretty.

And let’s not forget. Nolan would have made the Bond 25 movie a lot cheaper.

The Spectre budget was around 250 million dollars mark and it had almost nothing to show for it. Nolan’s latest movie, Dunkirk on the other had was made for just 100 million dollars and it got 8 Academy award nominations, including one for best picture and best director.

He would have been PERFECT!



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