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Yup… Everything is improved with a little Sabotage


You’ve probably seen the latest Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer. The new and improved Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer. Why improved you might ask? Well, because it’s re-cut and has Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” in it.

The new trailer is actually made by Chris Galegar, co-host and producer of War Starts at Midnight and it’s actually pretty fucking good. Not to go into details and spoil the moment, but the song actually improves the trailer. It elevates the visual presentation of the trailer, sets the adrenaline mode in you as you’re watching it, and generally fits into the very short but still pretty good 1 minute and 16 seconds trailer.

Which leads me to my point. This song improved a lot of things over the course of many years. Namely trailers. Video games trailers, TV series trailers, but also TV episodes, movie scenes and of course… movie trailers.

JJ Abrams used it in Star Trek, and so did Justin Lin in Star Trek-Beyond, but let’s take a moment and remind ourselves of all the video material that was improved just by adding this 24 years old song.

Star Trek (2009)

Star Trek – Beyond (2016)

How I Met Your Mother episode

Family Guy (2016)

New Heroes Will Rise trailer for the Destiny 2 video game (2017)


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