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Trust me! Canceling Sex and the city 3 is really for the best


Big fan of Sex and the city here. Huuuge 🙂 In fact… as I’m writing this, there are flash backs coming my way of all the arguments I had with mom about watching Sex and the city back in the late 90’s. She most definitely forbade me to watch that series, and I remember I had to get up and sneak into the living room very late at night to watch the re-runs.

Sex and the city formed and defined big part of my teenage years, and still to this day (now a 30 year old grown ass woman) I find myself going back to that show. Whether it’s just me alone under the blanket when I’m sick, or when I need a dose of fashion/girl power inspiration, Sex and the City is my go to show. It’s my comfort food equivalent. I myself identified the most with Carrie Bradshaw not because of her career in journalism, (I have a B.A. in journalism also) but also for personality, sense of humor, her quirky and risky sense of style, oh and for her being a serial monogamist and hopeless romantic.

I also loved the subsequent two Sex and the city movies, but I’m truly happy that there will be no third installment. Apparently Kim Cattrall, backed out of the production and refused to be part of the movie, despite the fact that there was a script ready and a whole team waiting to start shooting. The three ladies from the series are apparently disappointed and heartbroken, but I’m not.

“We had this beautiful, funny, heartbreaking, joyful, very relatable script and story. It’s not just disappointing that we don’t get to tell the story and have that experience, but more so for that audience that has been so vocal in wanting another movie.” – SJP

Let me explain why abandoning the third Sex and the city movie is a good idea. This is coming from a die-hard Sex and the city fan actually… so bare with me and be open-minded about it. There is no place left for the characters to grow. Which means all of the four ladies got their life closure (I hate that word but it best describes the situation) back in the Sex and the city 2. Carrie reconciled with Big, Miranda was happy with the family life that she had with Steve and with her now job, Charlotte was a happy  being a „stay at home mom“ and Samantha… well… you know…

Sure, the producers would have attempted to amp-up the interest with even better clothes, guest stars and outlandish plot (for the third movie) but that’s just the surface. I fell in love with the show cause it was more than that. For me it showcased a friendship that I always wanted to have with my friends. The bond and the strength in the 4 characters transcended their personalities, backgrounds or life goals. Don’t laugh at me… but personally I loved the coffee shop scenes with the 4 women, more that the sex scenes with the female leads and their male dates/lovers/boyfriends/husbands.

Some say that the third movie would have been a good send off for the characters, and an elegant way to retire them, but frankly the movie would have been made for one purpose only. Profit. As poor as the reviews were for Sex and the city 2, the movie earned 294.6 million dollars worldwide and the third movie would be no exception. Just like the god-awful Transformer movies, there will be suckers who will come and see the movie. Sure the movie theaters will be filled with females (and a couple of poor male souls dragged by their girlfriends or wives) but Sex and the city would have earned money too. Even if it was a bad movie.

And… as for Kim’s decision not to do the 3rd movie… I frankly applaud it… The three other actresses are now in their 50’s but Kim is in her early 60’s. Maybe she’s self-conscious about her age, body or some other issues that bother her. Maybe she didn’t like to turn herself in to a Stallone and do the same character well into her old age. I don’t know… So any further writing on my part would be mere speculation, but whatever it may be the reason, there is a need to be respected.

But I’m glad there will be no third Sex and the city movie. I really am… People need to move on a worship some other new strong (fictional) female characters, and forget about Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha.


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