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Do We Really Need More Sex And The City?

  You’ve probably heard the news. Sex And The City is being rebooted in 10, thirty minutes long episodes. The reboot of the iconic 90’s TV show will air on HBO Max and it will ...
January 12, 2021
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The Biggest Lie Sex And The City Ever Told

Hi Sex And The City Fans. Yes, You’ve guessed it. Like much of the Millennials/90’s kids/future feminists out there, i myself was obsessed with Sex And The City growing up. So much so that my mom ...
June 21, 2018
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Miranda Hobbes maybe was on to something (about her wedding)

Well… If you were following my blog.. You can pretty much notice a couple of things. I love watching movies and TV series, I’m engaged to be married and I’m a lifelong fan of Sex ...
December 4, 2017
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Oh hell yes! We Should All Be Mirandas!

You’ve probably seen it. The T-Shirts I mean. Designed by Lauren Garroni and Chelsea Fairless, the masterminds who brought us the Instagram account called “Every Outfit on Sex & the City, -the fashionista duo have ...
December 3, 2017
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Trust me! Canceling Sex and the city 3 is really ...

Big fan of Sex and the city here. Huuuge 🙂 In fact… as I’m writing this, there are flash backs coming my way of all the arguments I had with mom about watching Sex and the ...
September 30, 2017