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Things To Talk About Captain Marvel (Instead Of Brie Larson)


So, I saw Captain Marvel yesterday. It was not the best Marvel movie, but for a more detailed review of the film, you’ll just have to wait a couple of days.

My Captain Marvel review will be published on Friday, but until then I want to discuss something else that I feel was important in the movie.

And no, I’m not talking about her comments about her alleged hatred towards white men that got out of hand and triggered a lot of angry white nerds.

But why dwell on what she said (or didn’t depending on how you look at things), let’s look at some of the things that were featured in Captain Marvel.

Few good things to know and talk about Captain Marvel instead of Brie Larson’s comments.

For one, there’s plenty of female empowerment. First, there’s the presence of Annette Bening in the role of Supreme Intelligence. If you love Annette as much as I do, you’ll relish every second that’s she’s on the screen. Secondly, there’s her grey hair that she wears with pride and style, and as a woman with more than enough salt and pepper in her hair (and a woman that refuses to dye her hair) I loved her do even more. Go, Annette!

At the very start of the movie, there’s a nice tribute to the one and only Stan Lee (that will probably tear you up), but all the way through you’ll see the makings of another great super-hero. Monica Rambeau. Played by Akira Akbar, Monica is just a child in Captain Marvel. She’s raised by a single mom (Maria Rambeau) and even sets up the color palette on Carol’s costume.

And speaking of her mom, Maria is a bad-ass character too. She’s a skilled fighter pilot that will prove to be a huge asset to Carol Danvers and Nick Fury in the third part of the movie. There’s a cute kitty that turns out to be less cute as time progress, and of course Samuel L. Jackson. Yup. He’s amazing again and stays that way until the very end. But more on him in my review.

Oh and there’s nice parallel in the treatment of the Krulls and how we on Earth treat the immigrants. We fear them, we fight them and we want to eradicate them, but they’re living breathing things as well, and they deserve better. And at the very end of the movie, Captain Marvel reminds us that someone should defend them.

And on that note, Ben Mendelhson steals the show in the role of Talos. I’ve been in love with him form almost 2 decades now and I just love that he’s in Captain Marvel. But in the end, I might be subjective in saying (ok writing) this, but don’t worry. Watching Captain Marvel won’t make you any less of a man. If you don’t agree with Brie Larson -fine but don’t go and boycotting this movie because you think it will emasculate you.

It won’t, I can tell you that much. It might just give you a nice perspective on the female part of the population, and what we stand for. And who knows, you might like it.


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