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Reshoots really get a bad rep


You’ve probably heard the news. There are Deadpool 2 reshoots currently going on in Vancuver and one of the stars just confirmed them. That’s right! Josh Brolin, the actor that plays the main villain in Deadpool 2, is currently on the set trying to add some additional scenes to the movie.

The original production was wrapped in mid October 2017, but there are some conflicting sources about the nature behind the reshoots. Some sources claim that the reshoots were ordered after the test screening showed poor results with the audience, nut other sources say that the reshoots are merely to add more scenes with Brolin’s Cable character and Zazie Beetz’s Domino character.

Frankly either way is fine, as long as the final product is as good as the original 2016 movie. And since many film fans associate reshoots with masking the flaws in the movie, I’m here to be more positive and to say that‘s just the bad rep around them. Nothing else.

Yes there are plenty examples of bad movies that went thorough reshoots, but there are awesome movies that did too. Again… Most of the fans remember Suicide Squad, but keep forgetting that The Avengers, Mad Max Fury Road and ever Back to the future required reshoots. And they turned out great!

But in this particular case (Deadpool 2) I’m happy that there is another motive behind those reshoots. As bad as the test screening may be, I’m happy that the audience wanted more out of Cable and Domino. Those are great roles and rookie roles of that. Both Cable and Domino were not featured in the 2016’s film and I’m glad the audience wants more scenes with them, despite the fact that they are on screen for the first time now.

Which brings me to my point, and my optimism I was talking about early on in this post. Just like in the original 2016 movie, there were a handful of roles that made the movie what it was. Yes, Deadpool was the star of the show, but Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus helped with the humor and general bad-ass-ery. Like in Cable and Domino’s case they were also supporting characters but they really infused the film and elevated it to a whole another level.

So, my advice on this kind of rumors is… Don’t buy the bad rep. It’s pointless and stupid to jump to conclusions and say that the movies will suck based on the reshoots. Yes, i am very well aware that it MAY suck, but somehow if that’s the cause… it would suck because its awful and not because of some additional production.



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