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Reminder Of The Last Russian (Bond) Villain


You’ve probably heard the news. The latest Bond movie (currently tiled Bond 25) is going to have a Russian villain. While the identity of the actor/actress who will portray the main villain in Bond 25 is kept under wraps, it’s known that it’s going to be from Russia, and it’s going to be 007’s biggest nightmare.

Which is frankly art imitates life moment that will be put yet again on the silver screen. The cinema had their fair share of Russian villains, since the star of the cold war, and the situation has been aggravated by the current political climate.

The Kremlin has been accused of cyber-crimes including interfering with the 2016 US election and Brexit Referendum, while police believe ‘Russia assassins’ were behind the Novichok poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, as well as the death of Dawn Sturgess, 44, who came into contact with the same batch of the nerve agent earlier this month.

Just to name a few. However, let me turn back the clock. Some 20 years ago, a James Bond film had a Russian Villain, and if you recall was played by a Scottish actor. That’s right, back in 1998 when Pierce Brosnan was Bond, Robert Carlyle played Victor “Renard” Zokas, a former KGB agent turned high-tech terrorist in The World Is Not Enough.

Robbie Coltrane and Robert Carlyle previously appeared in Cracker: To Be a Somebody: Part 3 (1994), and again in The World Is Not Enough, which was the last Bond movie of the 20th century.

Previous films had never been shy of having Bond face off against Russians, particularly KGB agents, with the majority of the films produced during the Cold War. Sir Roger Moore’s Bond previously battled General Orlov (Steven Berkoff) in Octopussy, while Sean Connery’s foe Rosa Klebb is well-remembered in From Russia With Love for her shoe which contained a poisoned knife.

According to Daily Mail, the film producers for Bond 25 are after a 30-60-year old male ‘from Russia or the Balkans’ who is ‘charismatic, powerful, innovative, cold and vindictive’.

The next film is the 25th in the Bond series and will be directed by Danny Boyle.

Daniel Craig returns as Bond while pop star Dua Lipa is rumoured to be recording the theme song.

‘Bond 25’ is set to be released next October.


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