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Is James Gunn’s Career Over?


You’ve probably heard the news. Guardians Of The Galaxy director James Gunn was fired from directing Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3. The dismissal of Gunn by Disney came after the directors old Tweets with alleged pedophilia and sexual abuse content were resurfaced to the public again.

In a released statement to the public, James Gunn maintained his innocence and claimed that those old Tweets were merely a joke. He also said that he understands the business decisions made by Disney, but all of this prompts the question…. Is James Gunn’s career over?

OK. First let me set things clear. I believe in presumption of innocence and since there had not been any accusations before (from various people) regarding Gunn’s alleged deviant behavior I’m going to maintain the innocent until proven guilty mantra.

Secondly, I agree with Gunn’s „business decision“ part of his statement. He’s right. Disney did the only logical thing with his firing. Like any good company they’re very much interested in protecting their squeaky clean image, and can’t afford to be associated with a man who makes (made) rape jokes.

And thirdly… What pains me greatly is that this (let’s call it incident) is another excuse for tedious fighting and bickering in the comment section of… well everything. Yesterday and again today, i took a good look at many media outlets who reported on Gunn’s firing and in 99.9% of the comment section was a fight between the right and the left. The left oriented people commenting on those articles were accusing the right for bringing those tweets to the public (again) and the rights were accusing the lefts of being hypocrites, you know…. Since Roseanne Barr was fired just a few months ago for offensive Tweets. Why should be exempt from he same treatment?

But let’s focus on James Gunn for now. Is his career in Hollywood over? Guardians of the Galaxy and the 2017 sequel have earned more than 1.5 billion dollars on the box office and he’s considered one of the most versatile and talented filmmakers in Hollywood.

His career in making Marvel movies is pretty much done for the moment, but can he clear his image and make a come-back? Well, depending on how the situation will unfold. If he stays humble and gracious through this whole ordeal, maybe. Hollywood loves a come-back story and his just might be better than the one Mel Gibson had.

Time will tell if his career is over.


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