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Blast from the past

Reminder Of The Last Russian (Bond) Villain

You’ve probably heard the news. The latest Bond movie (currently tiled Bond 25) is going to have a Russian villain. While the identity of the actor/actress who will portray the main villain in Bond 25 ...
July 20, 2018
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Too bad… Nolan would have been the perfect Bond director

You’ve probably heard the news. The acclaimed director Christopher Nolan denied the persistent rumors that he will be directing the latest Bond installment film. Titled James Bond 25 for now, the movie is supposed to ...
February 21, 2018
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Rachel is right… we don’t need a female Bond

You’ve heard the gossip and speculations before. Every so often a new tabloid will pop the question. You know… Does the film industry really needs a female actress to be playing a James Bond in ...
February 14, 2018