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Oh Star-Lord! You ruined everything!


OK…. Let’s talk about Avengers Infinity War… Shall we?

I finally went out and saw it yesterday and it was great. It was dark, and heartbreaking, but after the initial disappointment from losing my favorite superheroes and subsequent sadness of their demise, I’m here to talk to you about one particular thing.

No not the ending, although there is plenty to be said and written about that… But one particular scene and one particular man in that scene.

The scene on Titan near the end of the movie. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Now the scene on Titan is crucial one. Not only it’s where Tony, Strange, Peter Parker and the Guardians of the Galaxy (actually what’s left of them) face Thanos, it’s the place where they learn of Gamora’s fate.

This prompts quite a fight, but it also causes a chain reaction that makes Thanos a winner in this particular situation. And I have bones to pick with the man whom I think is responsible for all of this.

Star-Lord. Oh Quill. You ruined everything.

Yes I know that he’s a trigger happy flyboy (sorry Star Wars fans), he’s emotional, cocky and now angry about his loss, but what he did was a reckless and unforgivable.

Guardians and the rest of the team on Titan had a chance (small but still a chance) to beat Thanos, and all he had to do was to maintain his calm composure, and follow the plan. But nooooooo.

He had to get all Hulk-ed UP and ruin it all. I blame him the most for the events in Infinity War, to be honest. I know he was hurting but that’s no excuse… He had the lives of the universe at stake, and he ruined everything with his mindless actions. He was basically Drax without the muscles.

See… I told ya that there were going to be more rants about Infinity War… This was just the first of several in mind. Stay tuned for the review though.



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