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Murphy Brown’s Demise Was Not Caused By Trump


You’ve probably heard the news. CBS is pulling the plug on the Murphy Brown’s revival season and is not adding a second season to the roaster. There are some conflicting news about the show’s future. Some say that the original 13 episodes were the entire run of the series, while some report that it has been truly canceled. The show’s creator Diane English denied those claims and Tweeted that she’s looking forward in getting a second season of the revival.

For now, the revival season is scheduled to end on December 20th and whatever the outcome may be, you can’t deny that Murphy Brown’s revival didn’t lived up to the expectations of many. Look, a revival of a long gone show is nothing new, and several of those shows have had a successful run in recent times. The Conners and Will &Grace most notably.
And as I fan of the original Murphy brown, I have to say… the revival was not good. The cast was more or less the same, but the humor and pretty much everything else wasn’t. Something changed and not for the better, and it’s safe to say that the show’s demise cannot be attributed solely on Trump. No.

Murphy Brown’s demise was because of the show’s obsession with Trump. Look, Even Will & Grace dabbed with a little bit of politics in the early episodes of the revival, but they were smart enough to know when to stop. When enough is enough. When the audience was suffocating and have had enough. Murphy brown didn’t.

The Trump humor became very tacky and mean, and frankly the story lines didn’t helped. I remember Murphy brown reporting on social issues, on heartfelt human interest stories, on economy debates and on pretty much important journalistic stuff. But not now.

Now, almost every Murphy brown episode consists of Millennial trends bashing, the new media outlets vs the old media outlets, and don’t get me started on the new VS old technology. Watching the crew of Murphy in the Morning deal with new slang and latest tech gadgets is like watching my grandma use my PC. Boring and tedious.

Oh, and the Trump jokes. How should I putt this delicately? In a time when Trump himself is becoming a joke, why would you stretch the misery and make more of those? No. The obsession has to stop. I know that the show presented itself as a leftist show, and it even had Hillary Clinton as a guest in the first episode, but it quickly became too much to bare even for a left wing Millennial such as myself.

This image released by CBS shows, from left, Joe Regalbuto as Frank Fontana, Candice Bergen as Murphy Brown, and Faith Ford as Corky Sherwood in a scene from “Murphy Brown,” premiering Sept. 27. (Jojo Whilden/CBS via AP)

The first episode of the revival was even titled Fake News for God’s sake. Plus, the network already had a collection of revived titles on their roster as it was with remakes of Hawaii Five-0, S.W.A.T., and MacGyver, and Last week EW reported that Northern Exposure was to be the latest nineties hit that will be heading back to the small screen on CBS.

I’m looking forward to Norther Exposure revival. I hope that it can learn from Murphy Brown’s mistakes and not repeat them. For all of our sakes.


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