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Mom And The Troubles Of Married Life


They’re no troubles per se… Just unforeseen complications. And Mom’s Bonnie Plunket knows all about them. Yup. Watched the latest episode from Mom this past weekend (the “Goat Yogurt and Ample Parking” episode was amazing thank you very much) and it resonated way too much with me.

After watching the episode I found myself siding with Bonnie and her marriage complications to be honest. Hear me out.  Much like Bonnie, I’m also a newlywed. Happily married the most wonderful guy on the planet and I’m yet to legally change my last name. Yes. I’m going to take his last name and make it my own. Except there’s a catch.

Much like with Bonnie’s case, my husband’s last name is waaaay to complicated and weird for anyone that’s not him to remember. It’s long, complicated and it has a lot of consonants which doesn’t help matters much in the complicated part of this post.

And as a person that spent 32 years having no problem with others pronouncing my maiden name, unfortunately I’m going to spend the rest of my life correcting others that are attempting to butcher it. Just this past week, the lady who sold us our king size bed and our brand new closet mispronounced my new last surname 5 times over the phone. Yup. Five times in the span of just 10 minutes.

I was Bonnie and Martin is Adam in this particular case. And the worst thing is… During the city hall wedding the lady who officiated the marriage proceedings asked me if I’d like to keep my maiden name or change it. And I said… Nagh… I’ll just change it. How silly of me right?

I also have less than 60 days to legally do that on my ID and passport, but there’s no way of backing out of it. I’ll be stuck with it forever. I’m no Bonnie Plunket Janickovski, but its close for where I live.

Ah, the troubles of married life. Aren’t they grand? Have you had any similar problems? Tell me all about them in the comments.



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