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Louis C.K. And The Total Lack Of Remorse


You’ve probably heard the news. Actor, comedian and filmmaker Louis C.K. is back.

Back to stand up that is. After months of seclusion and spotlight absence, Louis did a couple of stand up gigs this week, and in them he reflected on what was „ a weird year“ for him in which he went to „hell and back“. He also and talked about “getting booed in the streets and how everyone hates him“.

And to be fair, I thought that „weird year“ would last a bit longer. You know what happened in his „weird year“ don’t you? He finally admitted his sexual misconduct allegations (from several women) and was subsequently fired from everything he ever touched or made.

He also mentioned that in the wake of his admission, he lost 35 million dollars in one hour. To which I say… Dude…Seriously… You don’t get to be the victim in this story. Seriously… Have you no shame or remorse?

I get it…I really do…

He’s slowly making a comeback now, and he’s testing the waters. But does he really expects to win over his crowd (especially the female part of that crowd) by telling how much money he lost over something that was his fault? Not a good start, don’t you think?

It shows a total lack of remorse, it shows a lack of empathy towards the victims and the entire female species on this planet. It shows that not only is he not sorry for what he did, he’s not even a bit concerned about the consequences of his actions. In general, it shows that he’s an asshole.

I’ll repeat. When you have a chance to redeem yourself and get the general public on your side, don’t start with how much money you lost when you were part of the problem. Just don’t do that. Nobody cares how much money you lost, even if that number is in the millions. It makes you look like a superficial dick and nobody likes them.Trust me…

But the thing is…. The thing that bothers me the most about this whole thing… Is the fact that he’ll make a comeback. He will.

I’m not to judge on whether or not he should, but I also cannot deny that he isn’t a good comic and writer. Actor- I’m not so sure, but he’s still a god damn good comic. And yeah, if it happens it’s OK, it’s fine, but I want him to do it because of the right reasons. I want him to show that he learned from his mistakes and that he can change for the better.

What I don’t want is to make a comeback so he can earn the money he lost during his hiatus. I want him to show a little remorse, empathy and basically to have a more respect towards women.

Am I asking too much? Is it a lost cause? Well, I guess time will tell.


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