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Throwback Thursday: The Best Orange Is The New Black Scene EVER!


You’ve probably heard the news. Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black will end after the 7th season. Set to air in 2019, the 7th season of OITNB will put an end to one of the best TV and most watched series in recent history, and frankly i’m a little bummed out about it.

Created by Jenji Kohan, OITNB is based on Piper Kerman’s memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison (2010), about her experiences at FCI Danbury, a minimum-security federal prison.

The series has an assemble cast, and a mix of well-known revered and practically unknown actors that were put on the map thanks to the show. OITNB also on a shit ton of awards and is set to win even more in its last year on air, but in honor of the show (as a whole) I want to look back at one particular scene.

Yes, I could sit here and examine socio-economic issues that the show touched, the entire prison system in USA, the racism, the homophobia, and the drug problems that is plaguing the American society e ct… But those thing has already been talked about and written about too.

No. I want to talk about the „freakonomics scene“ in the “Mother’s Day” episode. Written by Jenji Kohan and directed by Andrew McCarthy it’s probably one of the best episodes in the entire season, and this particular scene is probably the best in the entire show.

The first episode of the third season (like the title suggests) covered mother’s day and how this day affects the mothers that are incarcerated. It also touched on the issues on abortion (since Pennsatucky was dripping Mountain Dew on six makeshift crosses, each of them representing her aborted fetuses), and of course the economic theory of cause and effect.

And in walks Big Boo.

Citing the book Freakonomics, she tried to comfort her friend by offering a logic borrowed by one of the chapters in the book. The Where have all the criminals’ gone chapter“ and it was amazing.

„The abortions that occurred after Roe v. Wade, these were children that weren’t wanted. By terminating those pregnancies, you spared society the scourge of your offspring. Children who, if their mothers had been forced to have them, would have grown up poor and neglected and abused– the three most important ingredients when one is making a felon. But they were never born. So, 20 years later, when they would have been a prime crime age, they weren’t there.” Said Big Boo.

In a very elaborate yet simple way, she (in a nutshell) explained abortion, and what effect had the abortions after Roe V Wade had on the society. Don’t believe me?

Check it out by yourself bellow.


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