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Jared Leto Is Apparently A Dick!


Which is a shame because I actually respect him as an actor. Or Should I say… Respected him as an actor. I’ve never been quite the fan of his music per se (he’s in the band called 30 Seconds to Marks) but heck yeah, he’s one fine actor.

I’ve been a fan of his since My So-Called Life and around that period (mid 90’s) I remember seeing him in Prefontaine and thinking… God this guy is good! He’s going places this kid. And he did. He rose to fame and infamy. He even won an Oscar for F*** sake.

But I remember reading and hearing things in the years since My So-Called Life that painted a different picture of Leto that I refused to believe. Up until now. The picture that Jared Leto is actually a huge DICK! With a capital D.

After the disappointment that was Suicide Squad in which he played the role of the Joker, Jared Leto apparently decided that none other than him will get to play this iconic role. He was also hoping to get his solo Joker movie first, but Joaquin Phoenix beat him to it in the 2019’s Tod Phillips directed Joker movie. And Jared Leto was not pleased with the prospect of having a solo Joker movie that he didn’t star in.

So according to multiple reports Jared Leto, was so frustrated with Warner Bros. making the new movie with Phoenix in the title role, that he complained to his then agents at CAA. Oh, and he also asked another one of his (now ex) managers to try to reach out to reach out to top management at Warner Bros and you know…. to try to kill the new Joker movie.

Jared Leto was promised the standalone Joker movie, so when things fell through with that idea, tried to sabotage the production and release of the Tod Phillips solo movie that came out this month. If you thought that his on-set behaviour was gross, his offset behaviour is even grosser.

Yeah… It’s safe to assume that his days of playing the Joker are over for Jared Leto, but don’t feel too bad for him. Come next year, you’ll be seeing a lot of Jared Leto in the upcoming Morbius movie. Yup. Let will be switching teams (Morbius is a Marvel movie and not DC one) and I’m actually looking forward to it. I can’t go as far as making early assessments or even presumptions about the effects of his Joker meddling into his new big role but hey… It’s Hollywood, right? And Hollywood loves not just a good drama, but also a good come-back story. The Mobius movie is currently in post-production and is scheduled to be released in the United States on July 31, 2020, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Oh and since he’ll be also starring in Warner Bros’ The Little Things (opposite fellow Academy Award winners Rami Maler and Denzel Washington) yeah, I guess his dick moves are water under the bridge. But, there’s not denying that he really is a dick of a person.


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