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Aging Is Much Easier When You’re In Good Company


Well folks, I had my B-Day yesterday. Turned 33 (oh my God i knoooow) and frankly the number alone didn’t scare me off that easily. Of course, every appointment at the Gyno’s office is a constant reminder that my husband needs to put a baby in me, because the TIME IS TICKING apparently, but other than that I had a happy and joyful day. Yes, there was the realization that this was my first birthday as a married woman, and I though I’m yet to change my last name legally (my appointment is scheduled for November 1st) this was really my first Birthday with a husband. I can’t get over that. It might tae some getting used to, but I think I can handle that.

But overall my birthday was great. I baked some coconut cupcakes, I went to the gym and afterwards I had a lovely afternoon with my parents, my husband and some of my closest friends. I was really bummed out that I  didn’t get the chance to see any movie on the day, but in my defense I saw the first episode of the Watchmen TV series. And it suuucked.

Oh my god. David Lindelöf really outdone himself. NOT. This episode was a colossal waste of time and such a waste of perfectly good actors. I mean, the first episode had 3 Oscar winners alone and it was a total let-down in terms of concept, production, writing and directing. Not to mention that I had very little to do with the actual Watchmen comic book, let alone to the movie. I can’t believe that I’ll say (OK write) this but the Zach Snyder movie is waaay better than this piece of TV disappointment.

But other than that, I had a blast. I can really say that getting older is much easier in the company of great people. I may be getting older, but my spirit remains young as a teenager. Oh, and I will bash bad TV shows even when I’m 80 s so… consider this post as a fair warning.


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