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Breaking Down The Post-Oscar Tradition: Burgers In Ball Gowns


All right al right now. I promise, no more Oscar posts. After this one. Bear with me one more time and I promise I’ll quit. Are you with me? Good.

You’ve probably seen the post-Oscar photo. You know. Joaquin Phoenix and his fiancée Rooney Mara casually eating burgers after the long and excruciating Oscar night. She still has her beautiful ball gown on, but she’s also wearing Converse sneakers, and he’s still in his tux. They’re smiling and casually eating a (plant based) burger. The Oscar statue is in the middle of them and they seem perfectly happy… as they should.

I must say I loved that photo. It’s seems so happy, and sincere despite being staged and clearly a well crafted PR stunt by the actor’s PR team. But I can’t help but look back on the many similar photos that I’ve seen over the years. Some star that just won an Oscar is photographed eating a burger (vegan or not) in their tux or gown while wearing sneakers. Nothing special right? Wrong.

Brie Larson did it, Helen Mirren also did it, Hilary Swank indulged in some junk food as well, and so did Ang Lee years ago. What’s the deal with these so called „Burgers and Oscars“ photos?

Well, I have some theories about it. First, celebrities like to paint a picture that they’re one of us. The regular people. Sure they own mansions, fly with private jets, and earn several million dollars with each picture that they make, but they’re actually regular Joe’s at heart. And just like the regular Joe… they like juicy fat burgers at the end of the day.

Secondly, you’ll notice that these snaps are usually after the awards ceremony or some similar event. Most of them are even wearing very expensive designer formal-wear. They’re treated with Michelin star worthy food at those events (like the Golden Globes) and the after parties are pure decadence and excess, but that 5 dollar burger is what counts. Forget the caviar that I just ate or the Moet I just drank. No. This is the real deal. It’s that contrast, the down to earth image that they like to portray. It’s the simplicity that they’re after. Again, it has to do with reliability and affordability.

And last but not least… It’s their cheat meal at the end of the diet. Look. Most of these celebrities are so emaciated and well… starved of any type of food it’s ridiculous. Yeah, I’m not kidding. 99% of the actresses (and believe it or not, most of the actors) are on a strict diet that most certainly doesn’t involve burgers. They’re getting medical procedures done as well, but believe me… these ladies are starving by the time Oscar ceremony is done. And what’s the logical step here? Hit the burger joint.

So yeah… Next time you see these photos of some Oscar winning actor/actress holding an Oscar in one hand and shoving a burger in the other hard… think that they’re really hungry and they’re doing it for the attention as well. I mean they’re celebrities for Pete’s sake. Emaciated but still. Celebrities.


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