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It’s Doom And Gloom In The Musicals Or Comedy


Let me explain. You’ve probably heard the news. The Nominations of the 77th annual Golden Globe awards were announced at the start of this week. Noah Baumbach’s Marriage Story is leading in the film portion of the awards with 6 nominations in total, while Chernobyl, The Crown and Unbelievable are doing the same in the TV portion with 4 nominations each.

However, while that’s all fine and dandy I wanna take a quick look at one particular category. The Best Performance in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy category. Best female performance that is.

While things are looking somewhat (barely) cheerful and hopeful in the male equivalent of this category the same cannot be said about the females too. But let’s start with the obvious, which quite frankly has nothing to do with the doom and gloom that was in the title. No, that comes much later in this post. If you take a brief look at the category itself, you’ll probably notice that only one of the nominated ladies is over 40- Christina Applegate. Natasha Lyonne is 40 on the dot, while the rest of them are in their mid-30’s or late 20’s.

There’s a much bigger age range in the nominees from the male portion of the category. You have screen legends like Michael Douglas, getting to the cult status actors like Bill Hader and Paul Rudd and newbies like Ramy Yousef and Ben Platt which are in their 20’s. Pretty good bunch right?

But the hard pill to swallow here is the fact that although the themes in all of the nominated series are men on their journey to discover themselves during hard times… none of those TV series deals with hardships like the ones in the female part of the category. I mean seriously. I’m not 100% objective on this observation but bear with me.

Just take a look at the category. Fleabag, Dead to Me, Russian Doll and On Becoming a God in Central Florida are brutal, hear braking stories about the female suffering, alienation, mental illness and death. The main characters (female characters) are experiencing them all at once or they’re dealing with the ramifications from the misery and decay of their surroundings in the most heart-breaking way possible. I’m actually happy about Miss Maisel’s marriage breakdown because it’s just child play compared to the shit that these characters had to go through.

I mean Natasha’s character in Russian Doll had to die over and over and over again just to find the meaning of her pitiful existence. I’m gonna quote Jon Steward from his Academy Awards hosting gig…

-Does this town (Hollywood obviously) need a hug?

What’s going on? What’s with the doom and gloom? It’s comedy or musical for Fuck’s sake. There should be a separate category at the Golden Globes called – Seemingly comedy/musical series but with a dark depressing undertone that will just break you by the time you’re at episode 4.

They’re all good TV shows but come on!. They’re all fucked up beyond repair as well.

Tell me what you think about it. What’s your favorite movie, performance or TV series for the 77th Golden Globes?

Tell me. I wanna know.



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