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Is Christopher Plummer’s nomination a big F**K you to the Hollywood predators?


Let me get this straight. I truly hate using profanity in my writing. Especially in the titles of my blog posts, but for now I’m going to make an exception and confirm my title/question.

Is Christopher Plummer’s nomination a big F**K you to Hollywood? Or more specifically to the abundance of sexual predators in Hollywood?

You’ve probably heard the news by now. Christopher Plummer received a VERY surprising Golden Globe nomination for his supporting role in All the money in the world. Yes. The veteran actor was part of the 3 nominations (in total) that the upcoming biopic received at yesterday’s Golden Globe nominations. Ridley Scott grabbed the nod for best director and Michelle Williams in the best leading actress in motion picture drama respectively.

But why is Plummer’s nomination so surprising? Look, there is no denying that Plummer is a fine actor, and furthermore an actor with commitment and dedication to jump into a role on a moment’s notice. According to multiple sources, his presence on set (while re-shooting Kevin Spacey’s scenes) was merely 3 weeks long and was met with reservations from the general public, after Spacey’s firing. However… The man proved that he could pull it off. He proved that there is no task difficult enough if you don’t put an effort to it, and boy did that effort paid off. Plummer got an Golden Globe nomination for playing Jon Getty Sr, and he’s the unlikely hero of this awful mess that it seems to be never-ending.

But is it all due to his talent? Or maybe… just maybe… This is more fuck you decision from Hollywood to the creeps and powerful men like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey? You can be easily replaced with someone even better than you? It sure seems that way.

I mean look what happened to Bryan Singer. He was fired form directing Bohemian Rhapsody last week and replaced with Dexter Fletcher several days later. Singer (unlike Spacey) was even fired during the production of the movie. So, I can’t help but wonder. Is there something more behind Plummer’s Golden Globe nomination? After all this particular accolade is awarded by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, i.e. bunch of foreign journalists, who much like the American ones have been monitoring (and reporting) the ongoing sexual harassment scandal patiently. Secondly the actual movie (All the money in the world) is one of the few movies that still has not been released in the movie theaters or has had a movie premiere of any kind. So… Why Plummer indeed? Again it is not unheard of to nominate actors who were in the movies for just 5 minutes or even have passed away after the premiere (Heith Ledger anyone), but Plummer’s nomination is most likely a marketing move from Hollywood.

So… I’m curious to find out if the Academy for motion pictures and sciences will be so generous next year, and give Plummer an Academy Award nomination for this same role, but  for now…. I’m fairly certain that the Golden Globe nod is more a big Fuck you to the sexual predators in Hollywood, than it is an acknowledgement of Plummer’s performance is the upcoming biopic. Sadly.

Time will tell.


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