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Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri Film Review

Actually, the title of the movie explains the premise of the movie perfectly. Mildred Hayes (Frances McDormand), is a divorced single mother still grieving the death of her teenage daughter. Seven months prior, her teenage ...
January 15, 2018
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Show them how it’s done Natalie!

All hail Natalie Portman. The actress and Academy Award winner Natalie Portman had a bad-ass moment last night calling out the all male nominated film directors. Portman presented the Golden Globe award along with fellow ...
January 8, 2018
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You were fools to doubt Christopher Plummer

Well, you’ve probably heard the news. The first reviews for All the money in the world arrived, just days before the official premiere of the Ridley Scott directed biopic and the consensus suggests that its ...
December 21, 2017
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William H. Macy deserves some Golden Globe love in 2018

You’ve probably seen this man. Somewhere. He’s been a steady presence on film, on stage and on TV and in a meantime he picked up an affinity towards ukulele playing and being one of the ...
December 15, 2017
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Kyle MacLachlan has been waiting 27 years for this

OK let’s talk about this man. Kyle MacLachlan. You’ve seen him in oh… almost every project that has been conceived by David Lynch, Sex And The City and so much more cool and awesome stuff. ...
December 15, 2017
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Is Christopher Plummer’s nomination a big F**K you to the ...

Let me get this straight. I truly hate using profanity in my writing. Especially in the titles of my blog posts, but for now I’m going to make an exception and confirm my title/question. Is ...
December 12, 2017
Blast from the past

The very best from Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer is in the middle of two things right now. Apologizing for his comments regarding Kasey Affleck and his settlement regarding sexual harassment and promoting his latest flick Call Me by Your Name which ...
December 10, 2017
Blast from the past

Favorite Donald Sutherland movies for every decade he’s acted

Didn’t you hear the fantastic news? Canadian actor and film legend Donald Sutherland is one of the four filmmakers selected to receive Honorary Oscars. The Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts ...
September 9, 2017